Woodward Gallery Project Space presents:

"Ricky, Lucy, Fred and Ethel"
March - April 2015

BK FOXX transforms Woodward Gallery Project Space this Spring with Dolphins.

BK FOXX works in a realist style inspired from the shape and surface onto which she is painting. BK is a real mammal enthusiast pulling from surrounding nature and transforming it into a public street interaction of human verses mammal.
This recent mural titled “Ricky, Lucy, Fred and Ethel” was created as a role reversal to remind the passersby they are not the only creatures with a keen awareness of their environment. It is through this street and art interaction that BK FOXX aims to intrigue viewers opening a universal visual dialogue.

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Woodward Gallery Project Space

Rotating exhibition of street art
on view at 132 Eldridge Street
directly across from the gallery
Now on view:
Throughout May 2015

Brad Robson, June - August

Project Space continues inside
GHOST Art Lounge & Bar
132a Eldridge Street

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