Taek & Ozmr
5 After Meridian
September through October 2014

Reigning from Queens are two creative individuals- Taek and Ozmr - who are breaking barriers and meticulously designing. They bring their advertising world experience onto the street art scene. Most recently their success has been measured by the volume of paused pedestrians keen for their individually altered advertisements on NYC bus stop shelters.

The collaborative new mural "5 After Meridian" by Taek and Ozmr is featured on the Woodward Gallery Project Space this Fall. It is their vision to form an imaginary arc to globalize the street art world.

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Woodward Gallery Project Space

Rotating exhibition of street art
on view at 132 Eldridge Street
directly across from the gallery
Now on view:
Taek & Ozmr
Through October 2014

 Project Space continues inside
 GHOST Art Lounge & Bar
 132a Eldridge Street

133 Eldridge St NYC 10002 | 212.966.3411 | art@woodwardgallery.net