Mark Mastroianni

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Mastroianni was an original NYC Bowery Artist, who continues with his unique medium of gessoed tar paper and mixed media paintings. The once abstract qualities in his work have shifted toward a representational clarity and yet, Mastroianni conveys the soul of our objective world. His work is imprinted with history- a lifespan in stages.

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Selected Press

  1. “Mark Mastroianni & Rick Begneaud: Signs of Life,” The Villager, by Stephanie Buhmann, Volume 79, Number 4, July 1 – 7, 2009
  2. Post Road, Writers Journal, no. 10, Featured Artist. Cover illustration. Publisher Mary Cotton, Art Editor Susan Breen, 2005
  3. “Work of Three Artists at Waterfront Museum,” The Phoenix, by Steven Bernstein, May 4, 1989.