JM Rizzi


JM Rizzi is a Brooklyn-born and Dallas-based artist working in large-scale murals, public sculpture installations, and mixed-media canvases. A gestural expressionist since he started writing graffiti, as a teenager, in 1990s NYC, Rizzi’s ever-growing conceptual practice explores the multitudinous angles of Abstraction through illegal art forms and movement. He has painted major murals for Rockefeller Center, NY- Boras, Sweden-  Shenzen, China- and Saudi Arabia, AUE. The artist’s studio work has shown with Woodward Gallery in Manhattan since the early 2000s.

Selected Press

  1. Resident Magazine, “The Scoop Troupe” by Rory Winston, pages 57-61, October 2014
  2. Resident Magazine, “Knock on Woodward” by Rory Winston, pages 62-63, October 2014
  3. Wall Street International, “JMR Sheer Power: Recent Paintings at Woodward Gallery”, September 2014
  4. Brooklyn Street Art, “JMR’s Transition to a Black and White World”, July 2010
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