Margaret Morrison

“I love my Cortona summers when I teach painting in a deconsecrated chapel of an old convent.  On the weekends, I hop on the train down in the valley and head off to Arezzo, Florence, Pisa, Lucca, looking for the open-air markets as inspiration for my paintings.  I’m on the hunt for table after table of cast-off objects and antiques, fascinated by the artistry of the shopkeepers as they choreograph the placement of each collectable.  I recall that one Saturday, after a long day searching and coming up empty handed, I headed back up the steep, switchback road to Cortona.  I slowly ambled past the Piazza Repubblica to the Piazza Signorelli for a gelato.  To my delight, laid out before me, was a glorious sight of the local Cortonese antique market.  One table, in particular, was spread with eclectic objects and animal figurines that sparkled and glinted under the bright Tuscan sunlight.  I finally found my inspiration, back where I had started, in beautiful Cortona.” –  Margaret Morrisoon, January 2022  

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