Landscapes - Recasted

Sabina Forbes II


Sabina Forbes II is Contemporary painter, best known for the combination of vivid color, intricate pattern and dynamic texture in her paintings that evoke the endurance of hope. Her inspiration stems from growing up surrounded by both the renowned art collection compiled by her grandfather, Malcolm Forbes, as well as the original artwork of her grandfather, Gerardus Beekman.

Highlights of her career include a special commission for the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, a collaborative exhibition with celebrated international Pop Artist Romero Britto at Britto Central in Miami, FL, and the 2017 poster for the Bahamas International Film Festival. Sabina Forbes II has had a range of solo and group shows in New York City, Miami, London, Nantucket, Santa Fe, Las Vegas and Washington, DC.

In Landscapes – Recasted, Sabina Forbes II’s urban landscape represents a natural segue from composition of the human body. The body is active and complex, emanating the warmth of a living being. The city structure mirrors the human form, reflecting its vitality; these buildings are made animate by the hands which fabricate them, and by the people who dwell within their walls. Sabina Forbes II is deftly able to strip away the chaos and maintain the spirit of each architectural structure.

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