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Andy Warhol Index First Edition Book, 1967
Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number 67-22621 Publisher: Random House
11 x 8.5 inches; 27.9 x 21.6 cm  

Andy Warhol’s classic artist book is a compilation of interviews, art inserts, pop-ups, photographs, recording discs, and descriptions of life at the Factory. An important Warhol document and an absolutely iconic publication of the psychedelic era in New York. The photographs are by Billy Name and other Warhol co-conspirators with the assistance of Stephen Shore, Paul Morrissey, Ondine, and Nico.

The book has 10 multiples/objects. All objects (with the exception of the balloon which was removed before pages bound together in HARD Cover) are present and in great shape. Andy Warhol Peel Off Sticker upper right intact on cover of SOFT Cover book.

It is a novelty item and activity center, a pop-up book meets scrapbook meets photography exhibit. It’s hard to define, is what it is. Andy Warhol’s Index was published in 1967 by Random House. In it, one can find photographs, quotations, bits of art here and there, and myriad things to interact with (think “Pat the Bunny” for adults). It contained pop-ups, fold outs, a 45 rpm record, a balloon, a geographic shape attached to a string and more. They were printed in a limited run of and each copy is numbered. At only 74 pages, the slim volume is hardly your typical enormous coffee table book, but it boasts unbeatable value as a piece of 1960s New York pop memorabilia.

Available in Hard and Soft Cover

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Andy Warhol’s Interview; The Crystal Ball of Pop, 2004
7 Volume Book set housed in a Karl Lagerfeld–designed crate with wheels and a retractable handle
ISBN: 3865210236
Edition 2000
by  Elton John (Author),  Sandra Brant (Editor),  Ingrid Sischy (Editor),  Andy Warhol  (Artist),  Jeff Koons (Artist),  Bruce Weber (Artist)

Includes first issue collector edition. The October 2004 edition of Interview magazine marks 35 years of the award-winning periodical founded by Pop art pioneer Andy Warhol. In that time, it has gone from being the newsletter of the Studio 54 set to being the definitive guide on the most significant stars of today and tomorrow. Adopting an original format since copied by reams of other publications, the magazine used question-and-answer sessions to reveal information about celebrities, politicians, filmmakers, musicians, and literary figures. With interviewers often as famous as the interviewees, the resulting answers were revealing, intimate, and candid-and they still are! Alongside these texts, photographs by the crème de la crème of celebrity and fashion photography-Bruce Weber, Herb Ritts, and Annie Leibovitz among them-offered some of the shutterbugs’ most challenging work. For 35 years, Interview has offered an original perspective on the sexy, fascinating, and funny people who shape popular culture. In celebration of the magazine’s achievements, this numbered, limited edition gathers together in a handsome box a gaggle of goodies from the first decade of the magazine. Included are seven individual retrospective books, each bound in a unique fashion, from printed fabric to metallic paper to plastic-plus a facsimile edition of the first Interview magazine published in 1969 and a copy of the anniversary edition published in October 2004.

The whole package weighs an incredible 88 pounds and that’s just the first decade.
Book 1: The Covers. A facsimile reproduction of every cover from Interview’s first decade; metallic cloth hardcover / 160 pages / color printing.

Book 2: The Pictures. A selection of Interview photo-shoots from the first decade; printed fabric hardcover / 192 pages / tritone and color printing.

Book 3: The Interviews. A selection of Q&As from the first decade; plastic-bound hardcover / 400 pages / Audio CD.

Book 4: The Andy Warhol Interviews. A selection of interviews conducted by Warhol, with an introduction by Sandy Brant; clothbound hardcover / 192 pages

Book 5: The Fashion. A selection of interviews with fashion designers and great fashion photography from the first decade; clothbound hardcover / 192 pages / tritone printing.

Book 6: The Directors. A selection of interviews with movie tycoons and related photos from the first decade; aluminum casebound hardcover / 192 pages.

Book 7: The Back of the Book. A selection of columns by Fran Lebowitz and Bob Colacello, with photos; clothbound / 96 pages.

Mint condition in the original cardboard shipping box

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Andy Warhol “GIANT” Size  (Rare First Edition Printing), 2006
Editor Stephen Bluttal, Dave Hickey
Introduction Dave Hickey
16.75 x 13 x 2.25 inches; 42.5 x 33 x 5.72 cm
Item weight: 15 pounds
Published by Phaidon Press Limited, New York (2006)

Andy Warhol “GIANT” SIZE is a spectacular visual biography of the life and career of Andy Warhol. Weighing in at 15 pounds, this enormous book is packed with 2,000 images and documents, many rare or previously unpublished. Taking its inspiration from Warhol’s over-the-top nature, ANDY WARHOL “GIANT” SIZE depicts the major events, people, works and moments in the artist’s life told in chronological order by subject.As Warhol almost never threw anything away (from restaurant receipts to postcards), the featured material in the book has been painstakingly compiled. As the publisher of The Andy Warhol Catalogue Raisonne, Phaidon was granted unprecedented access to an array of public and private image and memorabilia archives and collections, including the Andy Warhol Foundation in New York and the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh as well as the holdings of many Warhol collaborators, friends, and photographers of the period.The large-format of ANDY WARHOL “GIANT” SIZE enables the reader to explore in detail hundreds of fascinating photographs, letters, personal correspondence, art works, film stills, tickets, receipts, celebrity head shots, notes, press clippings and ephemera all featured in this one of a kind publication. The book also features illuminating texts by insiders Bruno Bischofberger, Ronnie Cutrone, David Dalton, Kenneth Goldsmith, Ivan Karp and Peggy Phelan. What is unique about ANDY WARHOL “GIANT” SIZE is that it provides fascinating insight into the public and private life of Warhol and in many cases also reveals the stories behind his art works.The book provides amazing comparisons between his work and his life that have never been demonstrated visually in such a way before. For example, it not only features Warhol’s famous “Mao” series, but also includes ephemera from a 1982 trip to China (his passport, boarding pass, a souvenir from his hotel, etc.) alongside a photo of Warhol standing in front of the Forbidden City in Beijing with an official Mao portrait in the background. This important new publication includes a staggering quantity and array of colorful material including: Warhol’s birth certificate, citing Andrew Warhola’ was born on 8/6/28 in Pittsburgh; childhood photographs of his family; the magazine tear sheet showing the first article he illustrated for Glamour when he arrived in New York in 1949;numerous photos of Warhol with his mother; artworks for gold shoes he created in the 1950s; a letter from the MOMA dated 1959 in which the Director of the Museum’s Collections rejects a work of art Warhol offered them as a gift; photographs of Warhol posing with Edie Sedgwick in a New York fashion shoot; personal letters from Mick Jagger and Liz Taylor; pictures of Warhol in the office working on Interview; pictures of Warhol private views; a series of shots of Warhol in drag; the program from his Memorial Mass on 4/1/87 and his gravestone. ANDY WARHOL “GIANT” SIZE is the only publication available that features Warhol’s entire life, work and words in one book. The visual biography offers a behind-the-scenes look at the New York art scene of the 1950s to the 1980s, and provides a new perspective on an artist who continues to be endlessly fascinating to those inside and outside of the art world.

Hardcover. Condition: Excellent. 1st Edition. Elephant Folio (17″tall) color pictorial cloth over boards.
First Printing, 2006

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XCIA’s Street Art Project: Special Edition, 2011
Hardcover : 208 pages
Publisher: Siman Media Works; Limited Edition (January 1, 2011)
Item Weight : 4.4 pounds
Signed by Author Hank O’Neal and with bloody handprint by Army of One
12 x 9 inches; 30.48 x 22.86 cm

XCIA’s Street Art Project: Special Edition, 2011
Hardcover : 208 pages
Publisher: Siman Media Works; Limited Edition (January 1, 2011)
Item Weight : 4.4 pounds
Signed by Author Hank O’Neal and with bloody handprint by Army of One
12 x 9 inches; 30.48 x 22.86 cm

O’Neal aka XCIA and street artists Army of One/jc2 and Fumero.
Each copy of the book is unique!
In addition to the signatures, the cover of the book features Army of One’s handmade handprint (in red paint). The book is housed in a stand-up case.

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1 Cent Life, 1964
Unbound book
Edition 2000
16″h x 12″w x 1.5″d
overall (with black slipcase): 16.75″h x 12″w x 1.75″d

The complete set of 62 lithographs and screenprints in colors by 28 American and European artists created to accompany 61 poems by Ting, with title, text, table of contents and justification

1 Cent Life portfolio, 1964
The complete portfolio, Edition  2000 with offset lithographs by the following artists:
Roy Lichtenstein (silkscreen cover); Pierre Alechinsky; Karel Appel; Enrico Baj; Alan Davie, Jim Dine; Sam Francis; Robert Indiana; Asger Jorn; Joan Mitchell; Claes Oldenburg Mel Ramos; Robert Rauschenberg; Jean-Paul Riopelle, James Rosenquist; Antonio Saura, Bram Van Velde; Andy Warhol; Tom Wesselmann.

The Artist Observed

The Artist Observed
by Constance Glenn & Sidney Felsen
ISBN: 0944092942
Numerous photographic plates of artists at work.
Folio, blind stamped black cloth, d.w.
Santa Fe: Twin Palms Press, 2003. First Edition.

This is one of a small number signed by several artists at a fundraiser for Robert Rauschenberg’s Change Foundation. Signed on the title page in silver marker by Sidney Felsen, James Rosenquist, initialed by Claus Oldenburg, Malcolm Morley, Darryl Pottorf, Dorothea Rockburne, Elizabeth Murray, and Robert Rauschenberg’s thumbprint on first two pages of the edition. One of 3000 Hardcover copies.