Gourmet Garage

Woodward Gallery was located in SoHo across from the original Gourmet Garage back in the 1990s. Director John Woodward had been a chef at the historic Four Seasons Restaurant and worked as a private executive chef.  With this strong culinary background, Woodward Gallery had an idea to share Epicurean themed artwork by their acclaimed stable of artists in their popular SoHo neighborhood.   Gourmet Garage ground floor window exhibitions were curated, and became so well received that Woodward Gallery expanded this specific art program inside that original SoHo space.

Over the years, Woodward relocated its main gallery to the Lower East Side.  In addition to the rotating their gallery exhibitions on Eldridge Street, Woodward further expanded installations to additional Gourmet Garage locations around New York City.

Today, Director John Woodward curates Contemporary Art in the Gourmet Garage exhibition windows and within their 50,000 square feet of interior space each year.  These diverse, high quality, cultured food spaces boast fine art installations: SoHo (489 Broome Street), TriBeCa (366 Broadway) and Lincoln Square (155 West 66th Street).

Artwork in the Gourmet Garage is available for purchase.  Please contact Woodward Gallery directly with any inquiries.