Val Kilmer


Val Kilmer is best known as a brilliant actor though his collective talents establish him as a true renaissance man.


His art is as diverse and prolific as the characters he has played on-screen. This includes painting, drawing, sculpture, and his photo collage exhibit Wonderland has toured the world. A distinguished writer, Kilmer has two books of poetry and received a Grammy nomination for Best Spoken Word.


William Woods University honored Kilmer with a Doctorate of Fine Arts degree in recognition of his creative abilities and his contributions to art and theater. His one-man play about Mark Twain, Citizen Twain, has played to sold-out performing arts venues and now the writer, actor and director is touring with Cinema Twain, a film of his play, to sold-out theaters across the country.


Woodward Gallery hosts Val Kilmer Valholla in his NYC Fine Art Debut Exhibition 2017.


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Val Kilmer
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