12 in 24

Peter Apelgren, Jose Aurelio Baez, BK Foxx, Susan Breen, Cosbe, Richard Dupont, Sabina Forbes II, Richard Hambleton, Robert Indiana, Robert Medvedz, Moody, and Alex Racine
12 in 24
Group Exhibition
April 2024 – July 2024
The Down Town Association (60 Pine Street, NYC)

Woodward Gallery presents 12 in 24, a powerful selection of work by 12 artists, in the year 2024. For the first time, this respected group will be exhibited together, at the Down Town Association (60 Pine Street, NYC). On a clockface, there are 12 numbers, with a total of 24 hours in a day. Through painting, collage, and sculpture, the temporal pattern that unites these artworks together is how each Artist, during a particular moment in their lives, developed their art. By encouraging viewers to further examine their creations, up close, each of the 12 Artists reveal a hidden message for the curious to find.

By 1985, Richard Hambleton found creative control of the weather with this magnificent, fiery-red sunset, over a stormy seascape. From his studio window, he envisioned rain on a canvas, developing a new painting technique to make weather last forever.

Swedish Artist and comedian, Peter Apelgren, reveals his wit by the early 1990s. He satires a figure, all alone at a wedding, in a tropical location.

In the mid-1990s, Dupont and Medvedz produced an exquisite corpse, starting with a tapestry design of scenery, leading to signal fires, emanating from a village of homes and hope, in one area, with a radiant sun. This could be Anywhere

Early in his art career, Robert Medvedz combined design elements for the viewer to invent a narrative of their own, from his relationship of painted symbols and collage. 

Susan Breen initiated a series of work in 2007, focusing on the universal need to heal and a visual representation of what that could look like. Influenced by Mandalic symbology, botany, physics, Eastern philosophy, and medicine, her oil paintings encourage possibility and optimism, where neither comes too freely.

In the late 2000s, Robert Indiana wanted to encourage the next generation to stay strong in the face of the global challenges ahead. The word, “HOPE,” was a symbolic catalyst for change. With its forward-leaning “O,” the word, “HOPE,” represents perseverance and pushing ahead toward a brighter future. 

Sabina Forbes II was inspired by the vitality, development, and the habitat of New York City life. Her combination of vivid color, intricate patterns, and dynamic texture evokes the endurance of positivity.

In 2016, for muralist BK Foxx’s first solo gallery exhibition, she painted a swan, floating across the canvas with its wings confidently extended, like a prize fighter. She’s a Featherweight.

While in isolation, during the 2020 global pandemic, Moody hand-painted geometric abstractions. His joined circuits symbolically keep us connected, even when we’re physically apart.

Cosbe conveys the emotional complexity of understanding and accepting his child’s permanent health concerns, through his signature, frenetic style of instinctive painting.

Inspired by the six-fingered drawings of Andy Warhol and Sharon Stone’s infamous leg-crossing scene in the film, Basic Instinct, Alex Racine continued his study of the language of palmistry and incorporated these ideas into sculpted hands.

Jose Aurelio Baez’s still-life flowers preserve his new memories of starting a family.

This exhibition of 12 Contemporary and Urban Artists brings to focus small moments in time that led to big change. Please visit us, in-person by appointment, at our 60 Pine Street location, online at WoodwardGallery.net, and through a virtual Exhibition Viewing Room on ARTSY.netA digital PDF is available here

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