Month: November 2006

November 23, 2006

Alex Racine

Holiday Seasonings

November 2006 – January 2007

The zen of cooking revolves around the use of your hands. This Holiday Seasonings Exhibition features Artist Alex Racine’s hand sculpture coated with Cinnamon, Sea Salt, Sage, Rosemary, Cloves, Pepper and Tumeric honoring family cooking and the cultural significance of spices. Each individual sculpture is raised on a pedestal elevating each hand as an iconic gesture.

November 14, 2006

Group Show
November 14, 2006 – January 6, 2007
Woodward Gallery

Woodward Gallery is honored to represent their group of twelve in the exhibition, Gallery Artists ‘06 -’07.

Since 1994, Woodward Gallery has deeply appreciated these individual creative forces of art that affirm beauty and excellence.

Artists: Susan Breen, Deborah Claxton, Richard Hambleton, Sarah Hauser, Hiro Ichikawa, Mark Mastroianni, Margaret Morrison, Terence Netter, Jo Ellen Van Ouwerkerk, Louise Peabody, Cristina Vergano and Charles Yoder will be together for one, final exhibition at Woodward Gallery’s present New York location.

Anticipating a move from their SoHo home of thirteen years, Woodward Gallery will feature signature new work to emphasize the future direction the gallery artists will continue to blaze in New York. The original contemporary artwork by these Acclaimed Artists will offer variety from abstract to urban to figurative on paper and on canvas.