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April 18, 2021

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Michael Alan
Spring – Fall 2021
at 132 Eldridge Street, NYC

Artist Michael Alan is equally adept in several mediums. He draws, paints and creates performance art as a living, breathing canvas.  He uses color to push his positive message: art is a feeling that is tangible, audible, visual- an experience to engage in.

Michael Alan’s free hand, spray paint mural currently on view at 132 Eldridge Street (off Broome Street) is a joyful expression! His shapes and forms vibrate with a passionate spontaneity. Alan’s source of optimistic creativity is spawn from an intimate place that he expertly scales to the size of his projects.

Michael Alan’s drawings are detailed with a concentrated tangle of lines that compulsively change direction to reveal characters, shapes. The art is always a journey, an animated dance to entertain his viewers.  This artist is a compulsive, automatic action painter. He does not step back from the scale of the project to contemplate the image, but instead trusts his commitment to the freestyle vision. The work erupts with colorful imagery winding and bursting with movement.  Michael Alan is the real deal!  His public art is a gift for all to experience- an invigoration for the Lower East Side, NYC.

“Michael Alan is the kind of buoyant, visionary artist that comes around once in a generation. His constant innovation and creative interdisciplinary genius inspire(s) all who meet him.” ART NERD, NY

“{Michael Alan’s work is} an escape from earth with a huge taste of a mutating NYC” -NY ART-NEWS

“[His art is] To recapture what has been lost and update it with a big splash of paint.” – Ruth La Ferla, THE NEW YORK TIMES

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Selected Press
Meet the Artist Michael Alan Alien from Artiholics
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About the Space: Woodward Gallery’s new Project Space is the latest effort to continue its mission of enhancing culture within the Manhattan’s Lower East Side community. Accessible to all, please visit Woodward Gallery’s Project Space anytime at 132 Eldridge Street, NYC

April 2, 2021

Sybil Gibson: Fresh Flowers
Artsy Online Exclusive Exhibition
April 6 – May 30, 2021
artsy viewing room

Woodward Gallery is excited to present an Online Exclusive exhibition and viewing room by Artist Sybil Gibson.

Gibson’s enduring legacy is preserved with the colorful floral arrangements of a passionate, soulful, eccentric personality. Sybil Gibson (February 18, 1908 – January 2, 1995) was born in Dora, Alabama to a wealthy coal mine operator and farm owner; despite her prosperous upbringing she spent most of her adult life in poverty. Gibson is regarded as one of the leading female folk artists from Alabama. Woodward Gallery represented the Artist’s Estate from 2011- 2016.


Gibson gave into her impulse to draw, paint and record later in life after working as an educator. Gibson often expressed that art had to come from within and made due with very little means.


She recorded her childhood memories knowing that each viewer could relate. Her soulful, mesmerizing works speak for themselves and reach out to touch the viewer’s consciousness. Gibson used brown bags, scraps of paper, newsprint, and cardboard. She would wet and flatten the surface of these papers to prepare for her original watercolor/gouache/tempera technique. As she waited for the paper and paint to dry on one painting, Gibson would satiate her spontaneous expression on additional surfaces: “I just go from one brushstroke to another and I do it fast… as soon as the idea comes I use it real quick,” she would say.


Sybil Gibson, seized by a compulsion to paint over three decades, grew out of touch from family and friends. She sought escape from daily realities and responsibilities with a pure commitment to her art: “Painting is my happiness.”


Sybil Gibson’s art is featured in permanent collections such as: The Museum of Art, Alabama; The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Alabama; The Miami Museum of Modern Art, Florida; The New Orleans Museum of Art in Louisiana; The Museum of American Folk Art, New York; The Brooklyn Museum, New York, and The New State Historical Society.

Woodward Gallery is making this curated selection of works from Sybil Gibson available for the ARTSY Online Exclusive Exhibition only.

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