Mark Mastroianni

Altitude & Atmosphere
May 18 – June 24, 2000
Woodward Gallery

With the warmer weather approaching, we may find ourselves outdoors gazing up into a beautiful summer sky. Artist Mark Mastroianni found inspiration with the New York sky and the natural shapes of cloud formations.

In his multi-part exploration of the different phases of water, Mastroianni brings attention to clouds and their symbolic appearances. After having been treated to the luminous qualities of various snow patterns in the first stage of his water study, we are delighted to receive this next phase of oil paintings, each richly expressing the serenity of altitude and atmosphere.

Originally a landscape painter, Mark Mastroianni used clouds to help complete a canvas and set the particular mood. His new, conscious awareness of their interesting shapes has caused Mastroianni to shift focus to the clouds themselves. This Artist allows a single word to title his spontaneous reaction to a unique cloud cluster painting. The viewer then gets an insider’s appreciation for the moment of inspiration.

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