Observing 9/11: Breen, Bridges & Corn September 2021

Observing 9/11:
Breen, Bridges & Corn
September 2021
Woodward Gallery, NYC


On this 20th Anniversary, Woodward Gallery observes 9/11 with an exhibition of prescient works of art created just prior to the horrific attack that took nearly 3000 lives, devastated families, and changed the American collective psyche forever.


Gregory Corn’s sculptural Sacrifice is a metal assemblage reminiscent of the twin towers. Susan Breen’s Convergence depicts robed figures witnessing ominous clouds on a horizon. Marilyn Bridges’ aerial photograph captures the Twin Towers (WTC and Central Park looking South) before their destruction. These artists appear to have been tuned into some pending devastation and documented their visions in advance of the tragic events.


In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, Woodward Gallery organized an exhibition reflecting on the lives lost, and a decade later collaborated with Dr. Sean Ahearn, the City of New York and the Center for the Advanced Research of Spatial Information (CARSI) of Hunter College-CUNY, for the exhibition “Charting Ground Zero”. This show provided an extensive aerial and ground overview of the World Trade Center site before and after September 11th, along with the site’s evolution over the first decade. It used the latest scientific advances in mapping technology and cartographic representation to document the transformation of the site. The mapping and spatial analysis technologies played a crucial role in helping the city assess damage, monitor the progress of recovery, and safely deploy personnel and equipment in the disaster zone. The full exhibition was donated to the 9/11 National Memorial Museum at Ground Zero.


Learn more and see the original television WPIX News feature:



Those we lost will remain always in our hearts.


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