Borrowed Time

January – February 2013
Woodward Gallery

The outdoor urban environment is the ideal and most natural place for Cosbe’s work to be shown. His figures are left vulnerable and exposed. His art achieves a relationship with the public and reacts to the public with a soft freneticism. Cosbe gathers energy from his environment igniting the canvas with organized chaos.

The Artist’s creative process involves a push-and-pull between subconscious and conscious gestures. Cosbe’s murals reflect the affinity between his art and his surroundings. Each must coexist lending to the organically dynamic and spontaneous expression within his original paintings.

Maybe Cosbe has borrowed time in this life from masters of years past? His signature street art style has become increasingly more recognized. A finalist/winner of the Red Bull Canvas Cooler Project, Cosbe was chosen to represent NYC in Miami Basel, December 2012. Although never formally trained as a painter, his naïve vision has created a lasting indelible impression in our collective sights.

Exhibition Features
Brooklyn Street Art


Borrowed Time - COSBE
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