Brad Robson: DELI Paintings

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Brad Robson
DELI Paintings
Summer 2020
at Woodward Gallery

Woodward Gallery is pleased to present Brad Robson’s original paintings of food this Summer season.

These days as we wait on longer check-out lines, we focus on our selection at the local deli or grocery store. Brad Robson emphasizes our essential food items in this series.  His magnified paintings of meat, fish, veggies and fruit represent the nourishment we seek especially now for our minds, bodies and souls. Robson’s confident application of paint to canvas has an immediacy, reinvigorating the traditional still life genre. His surreal deli imagery is easily identifiable, yet Robson’s choice of bright colors and loose forms also hint at abstract or action painting.

Robson lives and works in Sydney, Australia. He is a self-taught fine artist who had a career in Graphic Design and Advertising. Robson became a teacher on Album Sleeve Designs for a college in Sydney while continuously pursing his painting career. His studio paintings and street art murals have been featured in cities around the world. Robson’s large-scale cityscape canvases were exhibited at the historic Four Seasons Restaurant in NYC.

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