Deborah Claxton

Cut Paper Only
March 7 – May 4, 2002
Woodward Gallery

Woodward Gallery is very proud to announce the debut, New York solo exhibition of original works by Artist Deborah Claxton.

From afar, Claxton’s “paintings” depict beautiful, familar imagery. As you move closer to the her work something wonderful happens. You are swept in by the pleasant imagery, but her technique enhances that euphoria. With painstaking concentration, Deborah Claxton uses hand cut paper only to accomplish these unique canvases. Thousands of tiny archival paper pieces are arranged to produce the image.

Claxton may take up to four months to complete even one study while in the studio every day for 12 -16 hours working tirelessly. To the artist, this is necessary and important work-something she feels compelled to do. To the viewer, Claxton’s compulsion offers an exciting, fresh window into art.

Woodward Gallery is delighted to share the discovery of this incredible new talent with the public.

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