20 in 11

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Group Show
May 28 – July 23, 2011
Woodward Gallery

  • L to R:
    Juliane Hundertmark, Nacht;
    Patrick Christie, Cock and Blue Willow I;
    Kiseok Kim, Plastic;
    and Michael Joyce, Cat and Box
  • L to R:
    Kiseok Kim, Plastic;
    James Grashow, Cock;
    Jeremy Szopinski, It Never Happened;
    and Michael Joyce, Cat and Box
  • L to R:
    Frank Foster Post,
    Angel-o Silver Leaf;
    and Michael Joyce, Gorilla
  • L to R:
    Tetiana Zakharova, Quinces;
    and Kiseok Kim, Plastic
  • L to R:
    Kiseok Kim, Plastic;
    and Jeremy Szopinski,
    It Never Happened
  • L to R:
    Curt Hoppe, Clayton;
    and Lisa French, Italia
  • L to R:
    Jay Constantine,
    Theory of Everything #4;
    and Francesco Tumbiolo,
    Love, I Guess
  • L to R:
    Slavka Kolesar, Phoenix;
    and Dragon Rises red
    bird flies
  • Jeremy Szopinski
    It Never Happened, 2010
    Oil on canvas
    80 x 60 inches
  • Paula Overbay
    Bee Line II, 2010
    Acrylic on Wood
    16 x 16 inches
  • Jay Constantine,
    Theory of Everything,
    Oil and wax on panel,
    24 x 24 inches
  • Amy Hill
    Woman with Ponytail, 2011
    Oil on wood
    15 x 12 inches
  • Kiseok Kim
    Plastic, 2009
    Oil on canvas
    52 x 52 inches
  • Frank Foster Post
    Angel-o Silver Leaf, 2010
    Acrylic and silver leaf
    on canvas
    60 x 36 inches
  • Slavka Kolesar
    Dragon rises red bird flies, 2009
    Oil on canvas
    36 x 36 inches

The Director’s Choice Awards for 2011 have been selected by John Woodward. Woodward Gallery introduces 20 Artists from around the world never before featured at the gallery. From thousands of presentations, the 20 selected artists are: David Bender, Patrick Christie, Jay Constantine, Lisa French, Abby Goodman, James Grashow, Michelle Hamer, Amy Hill, Curt Hoppe, Juliane Hundertmark, Michael Joyce, Kiseok Kim, Slavka Kolesar, Paula Overbay, Glenn Palmer-Smith, Frank Foster Post, Jeremy Szopinski, Francesco Tumbiolo, and Tetiana Zakharova.

This enticing, international group of Artists will each contribute a unique perspective, yet collectively offer fresh aesthetics. Each artist from the volume of presentations to the gallery was very strong, however these selected few stood apart with their commitment to work in an interesting variety of media and styles.

20 in 11 will combine portrait paintings from Flemish influence to modern figurative and super realism; highly contemporary needlepoint; paintings dealing with biological subjects, romanticism; intricate dot paintings and detail intensive paper sculpture. The diverse range of creative influence will offer a universal appeal.

Exhibition Features
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