Deborah Claxton

Extreme Paper
March 8 – May 3, 2008
Woodward Gallery

Woodward Gallery is proud to present Deborah Claxton: Extreme Paper.
Deborah Claxton takes paper collage to the extreme! In her latest exhibition, Claxton fearlessly navigates the journey from millions of cells of cellulose to thousands of hand-cut bits of paper to a fate-map-directed, vision of nature.

Claxton’s technique will undeniably excite the most disenchanted critics of contemporary art.
The scientific, almost clinical, approach Claxton self-imposes is remarkable in order to achieve her unprecedented vision. Not simply a work on paper, each “paper painting” is performed under a large magnifying glass to precisely isolate the tiniest paper fragment. Claxton surgically sculpts groups of paper cells into a distinct new form in her artistic operation.
From the extreme process to her peaceful resolution, the countless individual paper bits are meticulously organized into a unique collage. Her paper is reawakened to fresh, colorful images inspired by her life and faith.

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