Eye of the Beholder

UR New York
February – May, 2011
Woodward Gallery Project Space

Mike Baca, aka 2ESAE, and Fernando Romero, aka SKI, are a New York based artist collaborative team known as UR New York. Woodward Gallery presents their original work “Eye of the Beholder” on their Project Space at 132A Eldridge Street, NYC directly across from the Gallery; 24/7.

2ESAE and SKI spent years painting the streets before forming the collective UR New York based on the philosophy of creation from destruction- transforming the illegal graffiti perception into positive urban art. 2ESAE and SKI work collaboratively challenging each other to become better individuals, and more creative talents. Each adds not only a long history of graffiti experience, but also different styles, tools and creative elements to their process. As a result 2ESAE and SKI have developed a trusting bond, which identifies them from singular urban artists.

Eye of the Beholder is a montage of cities across the world and a special presentation for the LES of New York. Their mission statement as a collective is to:

…create an urban industrial feel to our art by combining mediums such as photography, silk-screening, graphic design, and graffiti. Each piece tells the story of our lives, our struggles, and our environments. We want to inspire creativity amongst people specifically the youth so they can pick up where we leave off.

UR New York have exhibited work in U.S. and international venues including the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, VH1, Sundance Film Festival 2007, Israel, Vienna and Australia. Aside from creating and selling art, they give back to the community with motivational speaking at elementary and high schools in the Bronx, Brooklyn and New Jersey. They offer hope to inspire and support children’s artistic dreams. As a collective, they strive to work together creating, showcasing, and educating about the urban art world. Their highly respected unified vision is an exemplary force to be followed.

Exhibition Features

UR New York featured on MNN’s Let Them Talk


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