Raining on Your Plaid Parade

Darkcloud & David Pappaceno
May – July, 2012
Woodward Gallery Project Space

Darkcloud and David Pappaceno’s collaborative mural Raining on Your Plaid Parade premieres on the exterior wall of Woodward Gallery’s Project Space located at 132A Eldridge Street directly across from the Gallery- throughout Spring, 2012.

Artist David Pappaceno was born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1975. He attended Boston University majoring in art and athletics. Pappaceno was wrestling on the varsity level throughout his college studies while refining his skills in fine art and design. David moved to Brooklyn in 2006 where he currently lives and works.

Pappaceno considered the conceptual blue collar workers when he first conceived of his painted plaid design several years ago. He equated plaid as a more traditional, average working class pattern- more of something for every man. As a design element, Pappaceno found great inspiration for his plaid from artists like Josef Albers who developed spatial perception within a pattern. Pappaceno uses bold bright colors and a specific width of the plaid lines to compliment the current collaborative painted mural with Darkcloud. Pappaceno said, “I believe plaid weaves the timeline of art history.”

Darkcloud’s imagery has been a constant staple in the urban art scene since 2003. His work can be seen all over NYC, as well as adorning surfaces in various other cities and countries. The dark drippy, iconic repetition metaphorically represents the angst that is always a part of us. His cloud-like image serves as a visual reminder of the things in our lives we are unable to escape. Darkcloud has been exhibiting with Woodward Gallery since his acclaimed 2008 “Street Language” Exhibition.

Darkcloud and Pappaceno’s new conceptual mural subtly accentuates the positive and negative aspects of our time.

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