Rick Begneaud: Rick’s Fabrics

November 16 – December 30, 2018
Woodward Gallery

Artist Rick Begneaud collects fabrics that have memories. His lifestyle has taken him to places throughout the world. Found fabrics journey back to Begneaud’s studio as patterned memories of the local culture from where they came.

Begneaud’s mentor was his late uncle, Artist Robert Rauschenberg, and through his own travels he began to implement ideas of space and texture, color and lines. Rick’s fabrics layer a personal tone, affording the viewer to journey with him through his abstracted collage paintings. The geometric forms can breathe comfortably with the texture and space left in between. He chooses not to assign the role of symbol to his work. We are soothed to look closely and carefully at the flow of pattern, color, empty space that seem to appear spontaneously.  Rick’s calming, gestural abstract paintings deliver the rare zen place to dwell and enlighten the viewer.

Woodward Gallery invites you to view Rick Begneaud’s solo exhibition 24/7 from our street level windows and digitally with a full catalogue available on our website. Individual visitor appointments are available.

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