El Celso
March – May, 2010
Woodward Gallery Project Space

El Celso is featured this Spring on the Woodward Gallery Project Space. Inspired by Matisse’s La Danse, this street artist offers his interpretation of the peasant dance in France. El Celso’s spray enamel and acrylic panels represent liberating motions as ancient as the Sardana dance itself. Within its simplicity, boundless energy is discovered.

The Art Newspaper described El Celso’s most recent show, Art Burn, an International contemporary art expo & immolation, as a “bonfire of the art vanities” and the Miami Herald declared it “a funky Basel sideshow.” The New York Times described his previous exhibition, “Post No Bills,” a street art gallery installation in Long Island City as “audacious.” The Brooklyn Rail describes El Celso as “a street artist with a taste for experimentation, a knack for making things happen and a predilection for drawing colorful naked women.”

The Artist was born in Newark, New Jersey. He lives and works in Manhattan and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. El Celso’s work is featured in numerous publications, street art books, websites and blogs.

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