Deborah Claxton

Still Cut Paper
September 14 – October 30, 2004
Woodward Gallery

Woodward Gallery is proud to open the Fall Season with Deborah Claxton: Still Cut Paper.


A true original-Claxton has been privately completing works made entirely of hand-cut-paper for years. In her second solo exhibition at Woodward Gallery, Artist Deborah Claxton continues to inspire awe. Thousands of delicate and tiny, hand-cut-pieces of paper are arranged according to a technical self drawn “map” of color. The resulting image is a mirage which first appears impressionistic and then reveals meticulous concentration to detail, amazing the unwitting viewer.


Claxton’s detailed portraits of people, animals, insects, flowers and landscapes are colorful and compelling in their familiarity. She captures a moment that we relate to and iconizes that very moment with her uniquely specialized technique.


Deborah Claxton’s formal introduction to the art press and to serious art collectors began in 2001. Claxton has already won the respect of some of the most influential people in the arts today. Her cut-paper “paintings” are in collections throughout the USA, and will be further discussed in critical essays this Fall.


Deborah Claxton: Still Cut Paper must be seen to be believed!

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