Still / Life

Margaret Morrison & David FeBland
March 29 – May 19, 2001
Woodward Gallery

Woodward Gallery is proud to announce the first dual exhibition of Artists Margaret Morrison and David FeBland. Small scale, oil paintings will tell their story in two complementary modes. Still/Life allows imagination to dictate the tale.

Margaret Morrison’s still-life canvases and panels tell a short story using her trademark interplay of light and shadow. A simple rendering of Cupcakes, for example, becomes the scene for a captured moment in time. Morrison’s paintings are created solely from imagination although one would think she sets a table and paints her study from life. By using familiar imagery we find comfort in her chapter and beg to read on…

David FeBland, by contrast, sparks his imagination with the constant energy and intensity of city life. He uses a camera to capture observations of his environment: living twenty years in New York and bicycling abroad for fifteen. FeBland’s use of the photographic instant activates a new vision to immortalize his characters in action. Life experiences make FeBland an exhilarating author on canvas.

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