January 18, 2016

June – August, 2010
Woodward Gallery Project Space

FARO is New York City graffiti/street artist, illustrator, painter & photographer. Born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt, he moved to the USA at age 15 to attend school. While his father worked as a journalist in the United Nations, FARO took off with his friends to skateboard and attend heavy metal shows in the city. Over the last five years New York City has been FARO’s playground. With a distinct Mummy trademark, he has steadily been working his way up the ranks of street art. FARO created the iconic Mummy out of a love for drawing characters. His icon has taken on metaphorical significance; it is a reflection of his Egyptian nationality and takes on a playful appearance, mimicking cross-culture ironies and social issues.
FARO’s steadily gaining exposure both on and off the streets. His work has been shown in prominent gallery exhibitions and was featured in Bombin’ magazine (March, 2008). He has also created artwork for bands such as Ninja Sonik, Japanther and Horse the Band.

June 28, 2014

Group Show
June 28 – July 26, 2014
Woodward Gallery

This summer, as part of Woodward Gallery’s year-long 20th Anniversary Exhibition calendar, a Retrospective of Public Art will be featured. The mural from the outdoor wall of their Eldridge Street Project Space will be presented in unison, a massive installation covering the Gallery’s large interior space.

Woodward Gallery designated the public wall at 132A Eldridge for Street Artists to legally paint. Since 2008, invited Artists were asked to create a four panel work of art approximately 15 feet (457 cm) in total size. Over the years, this exterior wall of the Gallery’s annex–GHOST Art Lounge, has become a NYC attraction with thousands of Twitter and Instagram pictures shared to date!

The exhibition of provocative and colorful original murals will include Street Artists:
BLUdog, Cassius Fouler, Chris RWK, Cycle, Darkcloud, David Pappaceno, Diana Garcia, El Celso, FARO, Gabriel Specter, ICY & SOT, JM Rizzi, Ka, Kenji Nakayama, L’Amour Supreme, Michael De Feo, MOODY, NohJColey, NOSEGO, Robert Janz, Royce Bannon, Skewville, Sonne Hernandez, Terence Netter, Thomas Buildmore, UR New York.