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October 25, 2022

Artist Natalie Edgar’s art will be shown in a group exhibition at the Springs Historical Society in late October 2022.

Half of all art sales will be donated to the Springs Historical Society, the volunteer organization operating the Springs Community Library, to purchase new books next year. 

The 2022 Arts & Archives exhibition will open at Ashawagh Hall on October 29 from 4–7 p.m and will run from 1–5 p.m. on Friday, October 28, 11 a.m.–7 p.m. on Saturday, October 29, and 11 a.m.–3 p.m. on Sunday, October 30.

Natalie Edgar - Moving Bodies
November 20, 2019

Group Exhibition

November 22, 2019 – January 24, 2020
Presented by Woodward Gallery at the
Down Town Association, 60 Pine Street, NYC
Opening Reception: December 6th from 6-8pm

Featuring: Willem de Kooning, Natalie Edgar, Richard Estes, Paul Gauguin, Richard Hambleton, Keith Haring, David Hockney, Robert Indiana, Franz Kline, Roy Lichtenstein, Margaret Morrison, Kenji Nakayama, Terence Netter, Robert Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist, Andy Warhol

Woodward Gallery presents Sedecim, a group exhibition of sixteen distinctive artists. Each artist harnesses the power of the materials and ideals of their time to challenge the conventional wisdom of art.

A 1967 painting by Willem de Kooning elevates waves of color to an abstract mountain ridge while Natalie Edgar deftly employs negative space with color to take the viewer on her abstract journey. Original works on paper by Franz Kline confidently show action and movement with little color or discernible forms. British Artist David Hockney’s series from the Six Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm invites the imagination to roam freely. A former Jesuit priest Terence Netter paints minimalist landscapes in an offering of serenity.Conceptual Artist Richard Hambleton is known for his energetically painted black figures jumping, running, lurking on urban walls around the world. His Shadowman, painted permanently on canvas, stands with confidence in order to evoke our reaction. Paul Gauguin contrasts darkness with the rawness of a primitive style in his woodblock prints. The cartoon icons of Keith Haring simply announce his pop culture message. Robert Indiana emphasizes his important message of L-O-V-E and H-O-P-E in capital letters, arranged in a square with a tilted letter “O”. Pop art cartoon figures and text are combined in parody in Roy Lichtenstein’s work.Richard Estes creates and masterfully renders photorealist cityscapes. Margaret Morrison tantalizes us with her realist oil paintings of decadent Italian beverages. James Rosenquist adapts the visual language of advertising and pop culture to the context of fine art. Andy Warhol in his pre-pop work creates a whimsical series of society recipes catering more to the artistic than the culinary — more to expressionism than to realism. Warhol’s early ink drawings are rendered in clean lines displaying his exceptional draftsmanship of figures. Kenji Nakayama unites organic flora and urban scenes in precise multi-layered stencils using spray paint. Robert Rauschenberg’s use of solvent transfer, collage and silkscreen are previously used only in the commercial process.

Together these sixteen artists represent over one hundred years of art inspiring and transcending their genres. Woodward Gallery is available online (WoodwardGallery.net), always through the Gallery’s street-level windows, and by private appointment.

Selected Press
WIDEWALLS, Sixteen Artists Spanning Centuries Take Over Woodward Gallery, November 2019
Wall Street International Magazine, Sedecim, December 2019

July 30, 2016

Group Exhibition
September 10 – October 28, 2016
Woodward Gallery

The Fall Art Season opens as if nature has been saving up all year for its grand finale. For the first time at Woodward Gallery, a group exhibition is presented in salon format featuring 61 artists and 129 works of art!

An environment of art styles and mediums engulf the gallery walls offering quality, variety and substance for the collector who yearns to feel inspired. The array of Artists makes for a breathtaking visual spectacle.

This NYC Salon is accessible to beginning collectors and art connoisseurs alike.

Artists: Michael Alan, Royce Bannon, Rick Begneaud, David Bishop, Jonathan Borofsky, Susan Breen, Brock, Thomas Buildmore, El Celso, Patrick Christie, Deborah Claxton, Crash, Allan D’Arcangelo, Darkcloud, Jim Dine, Annette Davidek, Marisol Escobar, Natalie Edgar, Tommy Flynn, BK FOXX, Sybil Gibson, Richard Hambleton, Keith Haring, Sarah Hauser, Hiro Ichikawa, Robert Indiana, Infinity, Jean Kigel, Franz Kline, Walt Kuhn, LAII, Sol Lewitt, Roy Lichenstein, Bill Martin, Knox Martin, Mark Mastroianni, Moody, Margaret Morrison, Malcolm Morley, Kenji Nakayama, Terence Netter, Roy Newell, Hank O’Neal, Claes Oldenburg, Louise Peabody, Jaggu Prasad, Mel Ramos, Ad Reinhardt, JMR/ JM Rizzi, Brad Robson, Maura Robinson, James Rosenquist, Jessica Hurley Scott, Matt Siren, stikman, Swoon, Francesco Tumbiolo, Jo Ellen Van Ouwerkerk, Nina Venus, Andy Warhol, and Charles Yoder.

September 12, 2015

September 12 – October 24, 2015
Woodward Gallery

This survey will recall past trends, exhibition themes and current inspirations by the Artists Woodward Gallery has featured throughout its decades long history. These Artists have all been exhibited at some time since 1994 reflecting the variety of the Gallery’s collection:

Peter Apelgren,

Jean Michel Basquiat,

Susan Breen,

Michael Brodeur,

El Celso,

Deborah Claxton,

Gregory Corn,

Alan D’Arcangelo,


Natalie Edgar,

Marisol Escobar,

Fab 5 Freddy,

Paul Gauguin,

Red Grooms,

Tom Hall,

Richard Hambleton,

Keith Haring,

Sarah Hauser,

Hiro Ichikawa,

Robert Indiana,

Jasper Johns,

Donald Judd,

Janice Johnson,

Franz Kline,


Roy Lichtenstein,

Mark Mastroianni,

Knox Martin,


Margaret Morrison,

Robbin Murphy,

Kenji Nakayama,


Terence Netter,

Don Nice,

Francis Picabia,

Jaggu Prasad,

Ad Reinhardt,

Drew Roth,

David Salle,

Matt Siren,

Frank Stella,


Ellinor Ströström,

Philip Taaffe,

Francesco Tumbiolo,

Andy Warhol,

Charles Yoder,

“Charting Ground Zero”

January 10, 2015

January 10 – February 28, 2015
Woodward Gallery

Woodward Gallery boldly unites a group of twenty living artists working in different styles ranging from figurative to street, surreal to abstract. The exhibition is a cross sample of art Woodward exhibits highlighting the range of the Contemporary market.

Richard Hambleton’s 1983 Dancing Shadowman sets the mood. Sabina Forbes II sets the table from a retro 50’s inspired still life into a colorful contemporary feast. Gabriel Specter takes over the gallery entrance with an exciting, aesthetic sculptural installation. Deborah Claxton stuns by assembling thousands of hand cut paper pieces to create a photographic image.

The featured artists are: Rick Begneaud, Susan Breen, Thomas Buildmore, Cycle, Deborah Claxton, Darkcloud, Natalie Edgar, Sabina Forbes II, Richard Hambleton, Hiro Ichikawa, JMR, Mark Mastroianni, Moody, Margaret Morrison, Kenji Nakayama, Terence Netter, Gabriel Specter, Jeremy Szopinski, stikman, and Jo Ellen Van Ouwerkerk.


Exhibition Press:
Wall Street International
The Villager

March 1, 2014
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Abstract Journey
March 1 – April 26, 2014
Woodward Gallery


Abstract Expressionist Painter Natalie Edgar was a student of Ad Reinhardt, Mark Rothko and a close friend of Willem de Kooning. She was married to the late Ab Ex Sculptor Philip Pavia. She is a published author, former critic for ARTnews Magazine, Professor in the Arts (1976 1994), and a Pollock-Krasner Grant Recipient.

In her “Abstract Journey” exhibition, color in Edgar’s world plays a dynamic role in creating the vital atmosphere that individually informs each canvas, from the pastel like hues in “Island of Hydra” to the inky blacks in “Letter to Joan Miro.” A chamber orchestra medley of crimson, black, blues and pale green colored fragments, resembling at moments a mountainous landscape, dominate two-thirds of the canvas. Another zone, appearing as a kind of cloudy white corridor or portal occupying the left side of the painting beckons the alert viewer as a way to enter the composition.

Paintings such as “Wham-Pow!” the interlacing components build to a crescendo of choreographed movement, as if tectonic plates were pushing and pulling beneath the surface of the canvas, adding to the dual sensation of velocity and struggle. This time, the open white space appears on the right hand side of the canvas and provides a passage way to the storm tossed composition.

Since landscape also plays an important role in her work, it is useful to know that Edgar has spent many summers in Italy–hiking and drawing from nature the famed Apuan Alps near the town of Pietrasanta. Like her bold-faced references to Italian Renaissance masters such as Uccello in her painting titles, Edgar’s intimate association with the Alps and Italy also embrace some of the great figures from ancient history that traversed the same intimidating terrain, from Hannibal, the brilliant Carthaginian military commander to Michelangelo who sourced marble from those mountains.
Those faint, narrative threads strengthen the delicate fabric of her painterly vision.

Exhibition Features
Woman Around Town
Brooklyn Rail

May 4, 2013

Group Show
May 4th – June 30th 2013
Woodward Gallery

Femalenergy 3 is the third grouping of female artists at Woodward Gallery in almost two decades, harnessing the spiritual energy, intuition and prominent creative insight specific only to women in the arts. Each work carries a special feminine message from the artist to her viewer.

Femalenergy sets aside stereotypes and celebrates the nature of women through form, color, and temperament. The exhibition emotes a cultural, unified power specific to the gender.

This group of artists come from all over the country at different stages in their careers. Each produces exceptional art in a variety of mediums. The featured artists are: Susan Breen, Deborah Claxton, Vicki DaSilva, Natalie Edgar, Sabina Forbes II, Phyllis Gay Palmer, Sybil Gibson, Sonne Hernandez, Elisa Jensen, Luisa Mesa, Edie Nadelhaft,Klari Reis, Jo Ellen Van Ouwerkerk, Cristina Vergano, and Lucy Wilner.

March 6, 2010

From Above
March 6 – May 1, 2010
Woodward Gallery


Woodward Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of recent paintings by Natalie Edgar. She demonstrates the continuing vitality of the New York School of painting. The sensibilities of color, space and rhythm are her métier.

Grace Glueck, observed this vitality in an earlier exhibition, “…Multiple images can be read in Natalie Edgar’s canvases, whole very active surfaces are formed by complex layerings of paint, put down in all manner of accomplished ways…..it could be the central axis of a face or a mountainous valley. But what is most engaging here is Edgar’s gusto for tapping the expressive power of paint.” (The New York Times)

About the current exhibition, Judd Tully observes in his catalog essay that the painting as a whole is a fusion of many sources, “There’s no correct way to read a painting. No matter how long you look, either abstract or figurative. You can imagine or believe you see a head emerging from that tangle of explosive marks, a veiled reference to a Picasso head or perhaps a Pisano apostle, or a summit of a mountain.”

Space is the hidden black matter in the imagery. Gerard McCarthy had noticed, “Her images may or may not suggest figures, but effectively evoke a vertiginous sensation.” (Art in America) It is this odd feeling of altitude in her space that prompted the title “From Above” for the exhibition.

As a student, she survived the gauntlet of ferocious fighting between the Bauhaus people and the Abstract Expressionists, in the Brooklyn College Design Department. There she absorbed exciting, avant garde ideas about abstract painting from Ad Reinhardt, Mark Rothko, Alfred Russell.

In 1966, Edgar married the noted Abstract Expressionist sculptor Philip Pavia and through him she had close friendships with Franz Kline, Willem and Elaine de Kooning, Esteban Vicente, and others. Natalie Edgar’s eye for understanding abstraction was further developed from her days writing for ARTnews in the 1960s -1970s and editing It Is Magazine in 1964.

It was during the 1980s when she began taking annual trips to Italy and exploring the mountains near the town of Pietrasanta; the very high-altitude terrain where Michelangelo quarried his white Carrara marble in the 16th century. “It shook up my senses- and my New York thinking- and I began working more on color, in new ways,” Edgar recalls.
This exhibition draws on Natalie Edgar’s broad background. As the paintings lead you through the hills, crests and trails of a metaphysical mountain, they speak of a lifetime emersion in abstract art.

A catalogue with essay by Judd Tully is available and has been published in conjunction with the Natalie Edgar From Above exhibition.

Judd Tully is the editor-at-large of Art + Auction magazine and a member of the American Section of the International Association of Art Critics. Tully is the author of numerous articles in major publications ranging from Smithsonian to The Washington Post. He is the author of several books, including Red Grooms & Ruckus Manhattan (George Braziller, New York).


Exhibition Features

  • “Not Above it All,” in the Chelsea Clinton News & The Westsider by Joe Bendik
  • “From Pisano to Pavia,” in the East Hampton Star by Jennifer Landes
  • Review, Artnews, by Mona Molarsky with illustration, May 2010, p. 114
February 8, 2001

Water Color Paper
February 8 – March 24, 2001
Woodward Gallery

Woodward Gallery is proud to announce Abstract Expressionist Natalie Edgar’s recent body of work. Most noted for her brightly colored abstract canvases, in this latest series Edgar uses a more subtle medium to create original works on paper.

Having set her hectic New York lifestyle aside, Natalie Edgar made her yearly pilgrimage to Pietrasanta, Italy. When she arrived at her studio there, she was welcomed not by familiarity but by exciting, unexpected changes: changes in her quiet, traditional neighborhood, in the focus of art- pivotal changes that set her creative
spirit free…

What emerged from this extended holiday were watercolors on paper deeply inspired by her new environment. Each is a prism of softer color, enhanced by her trademark ability to set the color to motion. The mountain rhythm of Pietrasanta, the landscape of her awakened art community and Edgar’s sense of accomplishment are concentrated in overlapping watercolor tones.

Woodward Gallery welcomes you to experience Edgar’s European inspiration brought back to New York for this solo exhibition.

January 2, 2001

Group Show
January 2 – January 18, 2001
Woodward Gallery

A brief group exhibition of Gallery represented and associated artists.

Featured works by:
Peter Apelgren
Susan Breen
Deborah Claxton
Natalie Edgar
Gabreile Evertz
David Febland
Hiro Ichikawa
Robert Indiana
Mark Mastroianni
Margaret Morrison
Terence Netter
Kathleen Raash
Maura Robinson
Drew Roth
Charles Yoder