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June 26, 2023

Michael Alan, Jose Aurelio Baez, Susan Breen, Deborah Claxton, Michael De Feo, BK Foxx, Richard Hambleton, Margaret Morrison, Lady Pink, Jaggu Prasad, JM Rizzi, and Swoon
Summer Garden
Group Exhibition 
July – August 2023
Woodward Gallery

Summer is finally here— and Eldridge Street is abloom! Planted by twelve Artists, a Summer Garden is beautifully cultivated with flowers and vegetables in Manhattan’s urban ecosystem. The magnificence of Jose Aurelio Baez’s floral mural on our Project Space extends to Woodward Gallery’s interior with a variety of still life paintings, colorful collages and intricate works on paper. Each artist’s interpretation of life and nature seeds our garden with diversity. Michael Alan, Jose Aurelio Baez, Susan Breen, Deborah Claxton, Michael De Feo, BK Foxx, Richard Hambleton, Margaret Morrison, Lady Pink, Jaggu Prasad, JM Rizzi, and Swoon flourish together in this exhibition, offering a fresh vitality to the neighborhood.

Come view our Summer Garden, this July and August, on Eldridge Street, on our website, by appointment, and on Artsy.net. Jose Aurelio Baez’s vibrant Eldridge Garden mural is located on Woodward Gallery’s Project Space and Summer Garden is featured in Woodward Gallery, all on Eldridge Street between Broome and Delancey, NYC.

February 8, 2017
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Woodward Gallery is delighted to announce their new location at 132A Eldridge Street, New York, NY 10002, located across from their previous space of the past ten years, but with innovative changes to their decades-long program.

Woodward Gallery has been working to share art in the community through public exhibitions since 1994. Their mission remains steadfast: to promote gallery artists and to enhance private collections through our vast national and international networks and relationships.

In their new ground floor space at 132A Eldridge Street, Woodward Gallery Windows will now be the focal point of their public exhibition program. Accessible to all, Woodward Gallery will continue its mission of enhancing culture within the community.
Additionally, Woodward Gallery is now expanding their off-site art program to three Gourmet Garage locations citywide (SoHo, TriBeCa and Lincoln Center), using storefront windows and interior spaces for rotating art exhibitions.

The Gallery will be open to the public by appointment only, as a featured partner gallery on ARTSY.com, and through their newly-designed website WoodwardGallery.net.

For press inquiries or questions, please contact us at art@WoodwardGallery.net.

July 28, 2016
Kristine, John, and Julia Woodward with Artist Robert Indiana in May 2011

Widewalls / July 2016

Early on, the gallery established a perfect balance between showcasing the works of prominent figures like Robert Indiana and Andy Warhol and educating the public about young talented artists. Throughout the decades the gallery helped shape the careers of artists like Roy Newell and Cristina Vergano and was hugely responsible for the revival of the interest in the works by street art pioneer Richard Hambleton…Read Full Article

March 30, 2016
Street Artist Creates Show to Advocate for Wildlife
Photo by Karen Du Maire

March 25, 2016

Street artist BK Foxx, whose murals can be found all over the city, is opening her new solo show “Kingdom” at the Woodward Gallery in lower Manhattan. Part of the proceeds in sales will go the World Wildlife Fund for “BK Foxx: Kingdom.” Her show is the product of mainly the artist’s enthusiasm for animals, featuring an eclectic collection which ranges from psychedelic jellyfish to domestic bunnies.
The works are rendered realistically but with two different mediums: oil and spray paint. While the lion oil paintings are created with detailed precision, there is a dream-like blur to the spray-painted polar bears and seals.
In this show, BK Foxx spreads social awareness about animals and the environment, and each work not only depicts an animal, but also communicates its environmental standing to the viewer. The exhibit benefits the World Wildlife Fund’s mission to relieve pressing threats to the diversity of wildlife. There is a real effort by the artist to depict a connection between animals and humans. Sometimes this is done by rendering humans, and sometimes this is as simple as an interaction with the person viewing the art.
Foxx paints the animals as passive and docile. “Ruth at the Parrot Jungle” is part of a series of smaller oil paintings that were based on monochromatic photographs. This particular piece is sepia and depicts a woman feeding a parrot while it perches on her shoulder. The gentle profile of the woman and the stillness of the animal establish the relationship between the human and the bird, while portraying the mutual understanding between pet and owner. In another oil painting titled “Meow II,” a lion lays sideways in the grass with half of its face visible, looking out at the audience. Although the composition is rendered in excruciating detail and vibrant colors, the animal in repose expresses the expresses the hidden peaceful and soulful nature of lions.
Though there is a unified subject and style linking the gallery’s works, there is an evident contrast at play, between the mix of spray-paint and oil paintings. One is a stereotypically street art medium while the other is commonly used in high art. Perhaps this combination is a transition of street art into galleries, forming a balance between the new and the traditional. At the same time, BK Foxx challenges the separation of street art and high art by showing that there is little to no difference between the two by using both representative mediums to work with the same concepts. The artwork in this show is purposeful in its philanthropic mission to spread awareness of wild animals.
“Kingdom” is on view at Woodward Gallery until May 7, 2016.
Qianqian Li, Contributing Writer

February 9, 2016
Woodward Gallery: New Work, New York

The New Year embarks on New Work, New York – a group exhibition of Artists from around the world who have never shown at Woodward Gallery before. Responding to thousands of Artist Submissions, Director John Woodward selected eighteen individuals originating from Japan, Spain, Canada…Read Article

February 9, 2016

March 12 – May 7, 2016
Woodward Gallery

Woodward Gallery transforms into a wildlife sanctuary this spring with Artist BK Foxx’s Kingdom. This is the premiere gallery exhibition for Street Artist BK Foxx whose focus is social awareness of animals. The “Kingdom” exhibition benefits the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) mission to conserve nature and to reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on earth. A portion of all sales from the exhibition, as well as direct donations, will be contributed to the fund set up in honor of BK Foxx’s “Kingdom”.

The word “animal” comes from the Latin “animalis” meaning having breath, having soul or living being. Among our many similar traits, animals contribute to human nature by sharing the commonality of communication. While our ability to communicate differs, it is clear we all do make our feelings known. BK Foxx paints the spectrum from house pets to wildlife with soulful realism expressing the docile nature of these animals.

While her urban murals are huge depictions of animals swimming, sitting, or reclining, the wildlife she brings into Woodward Gallery has an enormity, though not necessarily in scale. This gifted animal enthusiast conveys her broad expression of kinship urging the viewer to become one with the spirit of these beautiful creatures. BK Foxx exceptionally touches us humans with her paintings. She channels the attributes of animal species using spray paint, brush work and her longing to raise awareness for the importance and care of all life.

Commission the artist to paint your pet!


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The WWF fund for “BK Foxx: Kingdom” is open and accepting donations immediately for the full duration of the exhibition!
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November 7, 2015

Thomas Buildmore, Terence Netter and stikman
November 7 – December 22, 2015
Woodward Gallery

Woodward Gallery’s exhibition unites Artists Thomas Buildmore, Terence Netter and stikman in Potentia Trium. The power of three offers a compelling close to the year. Stemming from different backgrounds, experience and ages their kindred spirits communicate a more powerful expression of their vision.

Thomas Buildmore approaches his art like a chef creates a new dish. He thinks of what he has enjoyed in his past and reinterprets with the available tools of his kitchen, savoring a uniquely recognizable flavor. When the fire is hot, little time is wasted as his ingredients mix to fully complete an entrée. Buildmore considers his art as American comfort food with European influences. His mastery of spray paint is the special essence he brings to the table. Taking inspiration from paintings by known masters, Buildmore consciously reconceives work with his colorful flare to develop the recipe for success.

Terence Netter is a former Jesuit priest who entered art with Abstract or Action paintings. By 2006, Netter had become a devotee and practitioner of Zen Meditation. He retired as Dean of the College of Fine Arts at Jacksonville University and was experiencing inner peace in the tranquil surroundings of his farmhouse in the Loire Valley, France. He shifted focus to paint landscapes in a minimalist style in order to capture the special light of the region. These are Netter’s “seeds of contemplation” providing opportunities for viewers to set aside mundane worries and preoccupations, and get in contact with nature in what Wordsworth called “The Great All.” Netter welcomes the viewer into his horizon to experience this inner peace.

The self taught Artist who constructs little men made of sticks, known as stikman, has less of a spiritual cognition, and has an obscure fascination with urban decay. His goal may be to show that everything is ephemeral and nothing stays the same. He believes that art should speak for itself, hence he has maintained an anonymity—and allure—since living in the Germantown section of Philadelphia during college in 1970. He started to build his figurative stick entities in lower Manhattan the next year.

Evolution forced by gravity, time and the vast expanse of human activity are interconnected in his work. (The stikman body of work on exhibition is dedicated to the memory of Peter Carroll, a cherished member of the NYC creative community.)
The Potentia Trium is an inspiring, reflective and peaceful Art exhibition that contrasts with our current worldwide unrest.

May 30, 2015

Thread Song
May 30 – July 18, 2015
Woodward Gallery

During the mid eighties, Rick Begneaud toured as a chef for the Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan. Traveling extensively, he appropriated not only the tastes, but the textiles and small elements from villages throughout the world to embody those locations from a different perspective.

Begneaud’s self-developed technique has been influenced through a close relationship with his late uncle, Artist Robert Rauschenberg. The creative familial gene is present in Begneaud’s work constructed of implied histories and emotional applications. Begneaud diverges from his Robert Rauschenberg roots with his own nonconfrontational, nonpolitical, organic nature. He aptly combines paint, collaged with fabrics to create abstracted, angular shapes pulsating with rich color. His special preservation of found items morph into new creations.

Today, Begneaud writes a composition of painted thread songs formed from experience, fabric, color and space. The Artist successfully sets the tone for his lyrical ambiance of freedom and calm.

Begneaud discusses, “My work is about an organic drive towards a resonant composition – space, color, texture – that’s what moves me. To some extent, I do agonize over the placement and relationships of parts of each piece, but my goal is always for simplicity… for finding a type of spirit in the work. As time moves on, I find myself desiring that more and more.…the simple stuff. Oftentimes it’s what has been left out, or what is left to “breathe” that defines the strength in my work. The active, positive spaces (photo transfers, fabric, the paint) converse with the negative. That’s essentially where I find my titles…those conversations within…that agreeable or disagreeable tension.

Exhibition Press:
Arte Fuze

March 14, 2015

Susan Breen & Margaret Morrison
March 14 – May 9, 2015
Woodward Gallery

Woodward Gallery features Susan Breen and Margaret Morrison in a two-person exhibition heralding Spring. This season, the Artists travel to a location beyond their traditional roads of art. Both Ways connects different aesthetics by traversing varied terrain intimate and expansive, natural and concrete.

Taken collectively, Susan Breen’s paintings represent a dynamic natural world in flux, in various states of growth, transformation, and at times, decline. Rooted in imagery that alludes to the physical world, these paintings are a seeming departure from earlier more abstract and atmospheric works. Yet, they aspire to a similar celestial space from a different and comparatively grounded vantage point.

Breen’s natural forms float, turn, bloom, grow, and overgrow. Vines twist and flourish, alluding to some universal circuitry. Systems begin to fill up and spill over, hinting at entropy. Trees reach to the sky, flowers cluster and converge. In all of these, Breen manages order yielding in some way to a changing world within each frame, one filled with both darkness and light.

Margaret Morrison departs from her still-lifes to share the zen of driving. She is inexorably drawn to a point on the horizon…. a point beyond her sightline, “where I can crawl inside my head and look around, unpack my thoughts, and unload my baggage.”

That point on the horizon always hovering just out of reach perpetually draws Morrison toward a half hidden moment full of promise where reality and time detach themselves from consciousness, thus allowing the Artist to settle back and clear her mind. Morrison shares, “I love long distance driving. I love the romance of the landscape hurtling past me, the road stretching out for hundreds of miles as I speed along toward an undetermined destination. Nothing is as metaphysically liberating.” Morrison’s highways are a vacation for the mind, body and soul.

Together Breen and Morrison come from their notable pasts invigorated by their new direction. Woodward Gallery is the rest stop where these new small-scale, impressive bodies of work are joined.


Exhibition Press:
ArtFuse Magazine
Juxtapoz Magazine
Wall Street International
University of Georgia
The Vander Lust

January 10, 2015

January 10 – February 28, 2015
Woodward Gallery

Woodward Gallery boldly unites a group of twenty living artists working in different styles ranging from figurative to street, surreal to abstract. The exhibition is a cross sample of art Woodward exhibits highlighting the range of the Contemporary market.

Richard Hambleton’s 1983 Dancing Shadowman sets the mood. Sabina Forbes II sets the table from a retro 50’s inspired still life into a colorful contemporary feast. Gabriel Specter takes over the gallery entrance with an exciting, aesthetic sculptural installation. Deborah Claxton stuns by assembling thousands of hand cut paper pieces to create a photographic image.

The featured artists are: Rick Begneaud, Susan Breen, Thomas Buildmore, Cycle, Deborah Claxton, Darkcloud, Natalie Edgar, Sabina Forbes II, Richard Hambleton, Hiro Ichikawa, JMR, Mark Mastroianni, Moody, Margaret Morrison, Kenji Nakayama, Terence Netter, Gabriel Specter, Jeremy Szopinski, stikman, and Jo Ellen Van Ouwerkerk.


Exhibition Press:
Wall Street International
The Villager