The Eyes Have It

Jonathan Borofsky, Chico, Cosbe, Crash,
Richard Hambleton,
Knox Martin, Moody, Stikman

The Eyes Have It
Group Exhibition
May – July 2024
Woodward Gallery

The Eyes Have It at Woodward Gallery is a group exhibition of Conceptual, Contemporary, and Street Artists who integrate versions of the eye as their central subject. The eyes are symbols to draw you in. Artists Jonathan Borofsky, Antonio “Chico” Garcia, Cosbe, John Matos (“Crash”), Richard Hambleton, Knox Martin, Moody, and Stikman entice the viewer to interact with the composition using eyes as a mode of communication and connection. These works provide an exciting visual path to the engaging focal point. 

 Richard Hambleton’s Shadow Head Portrait, with hauntingly vacant eyes, pierce through you. Knox Martin’s Sunshine on Her Bottom painting features eyes overseeing the anatomy of the female form. The only remaining panel of the East Village street art mural for the legendary rock band Kiss, Chico’s Gene Simmons draws the viewer into his gaze. 

Known as the windows to the soul, eyes have inspired artists, for centuries, to conduct expressiveness, clarity, and focus. In Contemporary Art, eyes have become a metaphor for society, representing the world around them. Often used to convey a sense of inner beauty or purity in the subject, the works exhibited in The Eyes Have It, suggest hidden depths and mysteries within it. These eyes attract our focus on a subconscious level.

Woodward Gallery is delighted to present this variety of successful themes, illuminating the depth of the artistic imagination and provocative new ways of seeing. Stop by, 24/7, to see the work in our street-level windows, on our website, by appointment, and on

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