Four Seasons Restaurant

Brad Robson & JMR/JM RIZZI
2015 – 2016
On view at The Four Seasons Restaurant
99 East 52nd Street, NYC

Brad Robson

Robson was born and currently lives and works in Sydney, Australia. Robson started on a graphic designer trek at the age of 19 years. He is a self taught fine artist who developed his technique as he completed studies in Graphic Design and Advertising. Robson became a teacher on Album Sleeve Designs for a college in Sydney while continuously pursing his painting career.

The city, as a representation of vitality and space, galvanized his inspiration to paint with colorful abstracted forms. In 2011, Robson completed a residency in Illustration and Visual Storytelling at the famed School of Visual Arts in NYC. In 2013, Robson had his premiere solo exhibition at the Berlin Collective in Manhattan.


Woodward Gallery is proud to exhibit Artist James Rizzi, better known as JMR, at the Four Seasons Private Dining Rooms. This new body of work has roots in Abstract Expressionism, yet favors a Neo Contemporary flare. JMR has catapulted his vision with this acrylic painting series of bold curves and lines punched with bright color. JMR will be simultaneously featured for the 20th Anniversary Fall Season at Woodward Gallery.

Well travelled with his art as both a Street Artist and Fine Art painter, JMR’s imagery has become iconic in his native New York City and his home in Dallas. After a building-sized mural at the Pod Hotel in Manhattan, and major commissioned projects around Brooklyn, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and Hong Kong, JMR now raises his brush with the determined statement on motion, scale -and sheer power.

A great symphony of shapes pulsating into one another, JMR’s paintings are at once, serious and sensual, energetic and fearless. His strong black lines caress blank space or beckon to color. These are the mature works of a painter in his prime.

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