Winter Warhol

Andy Warhol
Winter Warhol
Winter 2006
Woodward Gallery

Woodward Gallery is delighted to open the new year with a variety of unique works and edition screenprints by Andy Warhol spanning the 1950’s – 1980’s. The exhibition will run throughout the winter months of January and February.

The works on paper comprise a Warhol retrospective detailing the popular culture of the period. Many pieces have never before been exhibited. There is a unique 1979 diamond dust Georgia O’Keeffe print which forever immortalized the only visit Warhol had with the female American icon. A 1978 Electric Chair image from Warhol’s own sketchbook premieres as the impulse which furthered the edition print series and canvases of the same theme. His early 1950’s graphic designs are featured here as original hand-colored menus and wrapping paper.

Warhol’s recognizable 1960’s Campbell’s Soup Cans are present as well, but Director John Woodward chose to display a vintage Campbell’s Soup Shopping Bag and Souper Dress to elaborate on the prolific projects Warhol and Campbell’s Soup collaborated on together.
You will see gorgeous women at Woodward’s Winter Warhol exhibition! The smoldering Marilyn Monroe, a smiling Jacqueline Kennedy, and a unique Ingrid Bergman continue to burn an indelible image of beauty on the public consciousness. Winter Warhol is sure to add excitement and color to an otherwise cold and dark season.

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