Margaret Morrison

March 6 – April 26, 2003
Woodward Gallery

Woodward Gallery is delighted to present the much anticipated next chapter of oil paintings in Morrison’s myriad of surreal characters.

This new body of oil paintings focuses on individuals who now search quietly for something unknown or unseen. They are in the process of finding center, whether physically, metaphorically or spiritually. Each work is a glimpse of the larger story going on within the scene. Morrison’s last major solo exhibition expressed flight on several levels. We were guided along our path by a mentor in a white lab coat. We learned through Morrison’s “professor” that flight was a metaphor for life-striving beyond mere existence; being tutored in a discovery of our individual potentials.

Now, as Morrison’s characters gain life experience, they turn inward, exploring their unique natures while contemplating the paths before them. The white lab coat becomes a symbol of self-awareness. Morrison’s subjects are at different stages of their awakening, as depicted by being measured for the coat, wearing it, and returning to it to restore center. Her subjects have matured on canvas as the years literally have passed.

Throughout the journey, Morrison expertly entreats the viewer’s emotional participation. She continues to challenge our imagination by offering masterful paintings which are well conceived and beautifully rendered. This most recent chapter of Margaret Morrison’s talent and vision deserves notice.

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