Daniel Rosenbaum Inner Guardians, Outer Explorers

Daniel Rosenbaum
Inner Guardians, Outer Explorers
Solo Exhibition
January 2024 – March 2024
Woodward Gallery & Down Town Association
132A Eldridge Street, NYC & 60 Pine Street, NYC

Woodward Gallery presents Daniel Rosenbaum: Inner Guardians, Outer Explorers, a Solo Exhibition at our 132A Eldridge Street location and continuing with large-scale works at our 60 Pine Street space. Thought-provoking gestural paintings ponder the question of whether an ancient relationship between humans and the cosmos exists.

Poured and brushed paint and the artist’s hands and body integrate within Rosenbaum’s meditative painting process to unite earthly and astral sources. Paint asserts itself through natural spirals on his canvas surface. A form appears in his spontaneous expressions, perhaps representing the curious, to guide us away from here and now. Daniel Rosenbaum’s repetitive and introspective process of layering thick and thin acrylics in translucent coats helps guide him to unplanned images.

Rosenbaum isn’t afraid of vibrant colors that flow unconstrained in his canvases. The artist is influenced by the East while living in the West, and looks to the sky for inspiration, in a celestial awareness with limitless boundaries.

His paintings seek to understand the soul of the universe with a freedom and vigor that charge that inquiry.

Please come along on Daniel Rosenbaum’s creative journey at Woodward Gallery by appointment, online at WoodwardGallery.net, and in a virtual Exhibition Viewing Room on ARTSY.net.

Available to view at 132A Eldridge Street, NYC 10002

Available to view at 60 Pine Street, NYC 10005

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