Group Show
March 2 – April 28 2013
Woodward Gallery

Our society places great emphasis on detail, but the rare individual pauses long enough to appreciate this specialty. If detail refers to the parts which make up the whole, this exhibition relies on the small elements considered for each unique work of art. The group of Artists are: Michael Alan, Susan Breen, Thomas Buildmore, Deborah Claxton, Cassius Fouler, Kosbe, Kiriyo Kuchina, Moody, Margaret Morrison, Kenji Nakayama, Jaggu Prassad, and Cristina Vergano.

A disciplined control is declared in the colorful individual feathers painted by Cristina Vergano, the contemporary Japanese weaving by Kiriyo Kuchina, hyper-realism by Yaggu Prassad (utilizing a rare, traditional Indian technique), implied imagery from Susan Breen, hand-cut paper collages by Deborah Claxton, or Moody’s recontextualized use of iconic imagery.

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