Famous Faces

Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kenji Nakayama, Sunday B Morning, Richard Hambleton, CRASH, and Andy Warhol

Famous Faces

Group Exhibition

September – November 2023

Woodward Gallery

Undoubtedly, Autumn is the best time to reflect upon the past. As we look back this Fall season, Woodward Gallery’s latest exhibition, Famous Faces, features the portraits of iconic individuals who influenced American culture. On display are the memorable countenances of Marilyn Monroe, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Dick Tracy, Richard Hambleton, Albert Einstein, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Pablo Picasso, which honor the unmatched creativity of both the subjects of each work of art and the talented artists who depict them. Prior to the modern, instantaneous era of social media, these figures impacted the world by challenging the unsolvable questions of their times and pioneering their individual fields of work for the better.

Human connection is often made through eye contact. Andy Warhol’s extraordinary portrait of Pablo Picasso is featured in this exhibition, for all to engage with. Find yourself face-to-face with these fabulous portraits at the Woodward Gallery windows, from September to October 2023, or online, through our virtual exhibition room on Artsy and our official gallery website, WoodwardGallery.net.

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