Ghost Rock Mountain

Robert Janz
Through December 2013
Woodward Gallery Project Space

“Variations on ancestral glyphic art, echoes of our origins : active meditations on transience, exercises on emptiness”

– Robert Janz

80 Year old Robert Janz has travelled extensively throughout the world painting what needs to be painted. He has placed his “glyfitti” (a term he has coined) primitive, ancient and contemporary forms most recently all around Tribeca and SoHo garnering the enthusiastic attention from local press. Woodward Gallery is delighted to exhibit Artist Robert Janz on the Project Space for November and December 2013.
“…Robert is not an active participant in either graffiti culture or the streetart movement. He’s a completely original artist taking risks to share his work and enliven the city…”

– 12ozProphet, Martha Cooper, March 2013


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