Sin Nombre

Diana Garcia & Gabriel Specter
January- February 2014
Woodward Gallery Project Space

Opening 2014 on the Woodward Gallery Project Space is a new collaborative mural by Diana Garcia and Gabriel Specter.

Diana Garcia was born in Monterrey, México in 1982. She is a fine artist and accomplished actress now based in California. Garcia uses line drawing, inspired by the human figure and fantastical, animal amalgams. Her multi-perspective approach to representing the human body and unconventional combinations of animals all point to an appreciation of form, both external and internal. They articulate a beauty that is dark, whimsical, and elegantly streamlined.
Gabriel Specter is a Brooklyn-based artist internationally recognized for his vast vocabulary of styles, subject matter and techniques which skew the expected and create a simplified visual language. Specter takes an anthropological approach to his work by contextualizing and recording the mundane and marginalized aspects of our lives. In doing so, he is able to find common language in the everyday and adapt to new environments with ease.
Diana Garcia’s street art projects have been featured in Mexico City, Austin, NYC and LA. Gabriel Specter’s public artworks have been featured in Tokyo, London, Paris, Rome and St. Petersburg. Their collaborative work is a colorful union of culture and people.

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