Hiro Ichikawa, Mark Mastroianni & Maura Robinson
January 8 – February 28, 2004
Woodward Gallery

Woodward Gallery is proud to open the new year with HM2. One part h: Artist Hiro Ichikawa, two parts m- Artists Mark Mastroianni, and Maura Robinson. Three very unique styles of metaphysical painting converge in this exhibition. Meditations from organically based influences become abstract works on wood, paper and canvas.

All accomplished painters, Hiro Ichikawa, Mark Mastroianni and Maura Robinson use the organic quality of water to flow from their consciousness to their palette. Director John Woodward combined these artists to show the variety of interpretation. Through quiet exploration they see water swirling, pouring and illuminating their mental image. Water is their inspiration, however they execute in a different medium. Individually they express with oil paint their resulting abstracted, peaceful colors and forms.

Water is just the beginning to them- it gives birth to light and color and shape. The Artists in HM2 embark on a spiritual journey from the contemplation of H2O to the rich and luminous properties of work in this exhibition.

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