Louise Peabody

March 5 – April 30, 2004
Woodward Gallery

Woodward Gallery is delighted to premiere recent paintings by Artist Louise Peabody that challenge the conventions of feminine beauty.

Peabody’s paintings hover between the narrative and the purely visual. The naked body is shown as a topography of terrains that react to the variety of painted surroundings.
As a mature painter, Louise Peabody traverses the female form toting the strength of her brush and an unparalleled vision of contour. Her figures exude femininity, power and grace. They simultaneously express natural beauty with subtle reserve and introspection.

The Artist has a keen ability to place her subjects in a setting to elude your eyes. At first glance you may see an expanse of land, the horizon, or perhaps a tall structure. With deliberate juxtaposition of common items-blankets, curtains, beddings – she transforms her figures from landscape to nudescape.

Peabody’s “Nudescapes” engulf your gaze to sensual rounded lines and soft shapes. The journey is peaceful, provocative and an experience not to be missed.
Artist Resume

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