Oh, Deception of Independence

May – June, 2013
Woodward Gallery Project Space

After an early interest in creating CD and DVD cover designs, NohJColey became highly fascinated with street art. He began by pasting 22×17 posters in public spaces throughout New York featuring graphic and textual commentary designed to change how individuals function in society. Following a period of disillusionment with the mechanical aspect of this approach, NohJ revisited his early love of fine art and returned to his work with a more nuanced and crafted aesthetic. Juxtapoz Magazine describes NohJColey as “‚Ķa New York beacon of a storytelling‚Ķ” He expresses a surrealist tale for the viewer through imagery and text hoping they have gained something in return.

“NohJ studies and presents the personal and the social throughout his work on the street and here also in the gallery. The webs of connective tissues that create a sense of equilibrium to seemingly disparate elements in the storytelling are metaphorical and visually (sometimes structurally) functional devices. Portraits of faces full of expression are anchors in a small universe of rotating objects, each signifiers of greater interrelated subplots and story lines.”- Brooklyn Street Art, September 2012.

Exhibition Features
Brooklyn Street Art

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