Those Summer Daze

Chris RWK
Through August 2013
Woodward Gallery Project Space

Robots Will Kill is featured on the Woodward Gallery Project Space this Summer 2013!
Robots Will Kill features a core group of street artists: Chris, Kev/Psyn, Veng, Mike Die and OverUnder who work in conjunction with overseas affiliates: ECB (Germany), Peeta (Italy), Flying Fortress (Germany), and JesseRobot (Belgium). This exceptional roster of Robots Will Kill artists push the boundaries of art in new ways.

The founder, Chris RWK, is a child of the 80’s; Chris’ world was often completely flooded with the imagery and ideas presented by television, comic books, and music and movies of the time. Immersed in these various mediums, Chris began to store the images brought forward through these everyday experiences in what he refers to as a “mental journal”. This journal was a haven of his thoughts that he could refer back to whenever necessary. Chris’ paintings frequently cite past conceptions of popular culture embedded in his psyche’s cache. Chris’ art frequently reveals everyday musings and people that one would pass on the street without looking or thinking about twice. Through the repetition of his familiar iconographic imagery, Chris offers a unique visual language allowing notions within his pieces to form the many stories to be elaborated as a viewer perceives his work.

Chris from Robots Will Kill brings summer fun to the hot city streets in this exciting, new mural!

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