November – December, 2011
Woodward Gallery Project Space

Moody’s Products featured on the Woodward Gallery Project Space clearly demonstrates the artist’s wit and original artistic direction. Mutz, aka, Moody, started to make his mark in the graffiti world in the late ’80’s smashing the streets of Brooklyn, New York and continuing on to the other four surrounding boroughs. After ten years of writing “Mutz”, he started to attract much attention from other writers—and policing vandal squads.

In 2000, Mutz decided to redefine his focus and created the alias “Moody”. He hit the street art scene with the same drive and passion as he did in his bombing career, now by plastering his patent sneaker “M” logo from New York to Japan!

Feeling the need to further progress his street brand, Moody began creating hand-cut, hand-painted wood “M” tags and installing them high over the streets of New York, as well as many venues across the country.

From the streets of Bensonhurst to fine art gallery walls, Moody has achieved the respect of his peers and art patrons alike. Moody’s vision is in social response to our visual culture today.

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