Welcome to New York

January – February, 2012
Woodward Gallery Project Space

Heading the new year is Artist Ka on the Woodward Gallery Project Space. Born in Queens, New York, Ka’s work is heavily influenced by his environment. He has been in the graffiti game since the 80’s. Ka has developed as an artist to incorporate natural elements with movement and depth into his urban compositions. The organic texture and dimension of Ka’s art, sets his imagery apart making it instantly recognizable. In addition to the street art and more formal gallery exhibitions, Ka has been involved in successful graphic projects creating and designing t-shirts, company logos and stickers.

Though he has been featured in numerous gallery shows, Ka still is very much inspired by the urban experience; getting his work out in the streets is important to him as a graffiti writer. Ka’s Welcome to New York City mural is a beacon on Eldridge Street compelling the public that this is where the action is.

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