Jo Ellen Van Ouwerkerk

Somewhere in Time
May 5 – June 30, 2005
Woodward Gallery

Woodward Gallery is delighted to present Jo Ellen Van Ouwerkerk’s Somewhere in Time exhibition of recent acrylic paintings and past favorite works in canvas and print mediums.
Artist Jo Ellen Van Ouwerkerk’s timeless icons evoke an age long ago or even in the present. The women she paints are composites of people she knew, had once seen, or had read about. She uses her figures in provocative and dramatic poses. If not for the gorgeous flow of their bodies, many of Van Ouwerkerk’s characters offer direct eye contact with their viewer to compel an interaction.

The exhibition will focus on her most recent paintings and feature her addition of handmade tin frames. This unique style framing first premiered in earlier print editions. Framing is conceived in collaboration with Mexican artisans.

Van Ouwerkerk’s work is interesting, subtle yet powerful. She confides a precious story in the one moment caught on canvas. Her surreal story takes place somewhere in time as the unique frame isolates that moment.

The exhibition of recent and past works will clearly define this talented artist and encourage her viewers to eagerly anticipate future chapters…

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