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September 5, 2023

Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kenji Nakayama, Sunday B Morning, Richard Hambleton, CRASH, and Andy Warhol

Famous Faces

Group Exhibition

September – November 2023

Woodward Gallery

Undoubtedly, Autumn is the best time to reflect upon the past. As we look back this Fall season, Woodward Gallery’s latest exhibition, Famous Faces, features the portraits of iconic individuals who influenced American culture. On display are the memorable countenances of Marilyn Monroe, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Dick Tracy, Richard Hambleton, Albert Einstein, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Pablo Picasso, which honor the unmatched creativity of both the subjects of each work of art and the talented artists who depict them. Prior to the modern, instantaneous era of social media, these figures impacted the world by challenging the unsolvable questions of their times and pioneering their individual fields of work for the better.

Human connection is often made through eye contact. Andy Warhol’s extraordinary portrait of Pablo Picasso is featured in this exhibition, for all to engage with. Find yourself face-to-face with these fabulous portraits at the Woodward Gallery windows, from September to October 2023, or online, through our virtual exhibition room on Artsy and our official gallery website, WoodwardGallery.net.

September 12, 2015

September 12 – October 24, 2015
Woodward Gallery

This survey will recall past trends, exhibition themes and current inspirations by the Artists Woodward Gallery has featured throughout its decades long history. These Artists have all been exhibited at some time since 1994 reflecting the variety of the Gallery’s collection:

Peter Apelgren,

Jean Michel Basquiat,

Susan Breen,

Michael Brodeur,

El Celso,

Deborah Claxton,

Gregory Corn,

Alan D’Arcangelo,


Natalie Edgar,

Marisol Escobar,

Fab 5 Freddy,

Paul Gauguin,

Red Grooms,

Tom Hall,

Richard Hambleton,

Keith Haring,

Sarah Hauser,

Hiro Ichikawa,

Robert Indiana,

Jasper Johns,

Donald Judd,

Janice Johnson,

Franz Kline,


Roy Lichtenstein,

Mark Mastroianni,

Knox Martin,


Margaret Morrison,

Robbin Murphy,

Kenji Nakayama,


Terence Netter,

Don Nice,

Francis Picabia,

Jaggu Prasad,

Ad Reinhardt,

Drew Roth,

David Salle,

Matt Siren,

Frank Stella,


Ellinor Ströström,

Philip Taaffe,

Francesco Tumbiolo,

Andy Warhol,

Charles Yoder,

“Charting Ground Zero”

January 4, 2014

Group Show
January 4 – February 22, 2014
Woodward Gallery

Woodward Gallery launches their 20TH Anniversary Year with the group exhibition Sur-Real.
The exhibition title emphasizes each part of the word surreal to give us pause to search for the fantasy in each featured artist’s imagination. With broad strokes or subtle detail, new visions for what seem possible are evoked.

The individual artists step outside of the fundamental world of life and enter another dimension of the creative process. They work in fine contemporary painting, street art backgrounds, paper collage and screenprinting techniques, yet release the creative potential of their unconscious mind. Their work liberates our existence with insight into a new artistic reality.

The selected Artists: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Thomas Buildmore, Deborah Claxton, Sybil Gibson, Richard Hambleton, Kosbe, David Larson, Mark Mastroianni, Margaret Morrison, NoseGo, Kenji Nakayama, Dennis Oppenheim, Robert Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist, stikman, Jeremy Szopinski, Francesco Tumbiolo, Jo Ellen Van Ouwerkerk, Cristina Vergano, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and Andy Warhol are an influential force reinterpreting our conventional thoughts and expressions.