The Great Outdoors

Group Show
May 8 – July 24, 2010
Woodward Gallery

The great outdoors has long been a place of escape. The raw connection with nature and its elements has a certain allure. For street artists the great outdoors provides another dimension. These artists carry on the enlightened tradition of adapting their artwork to weather, people, space and situation. Some are early pioneers, decades before working in this setting was socially acknowledged as art. They have managed to risk the elements of extinction, theft, decay and urban renewal.

Woodward Gallery features the following celebrated, outdoor artists to respond to their personal environment: Royce Bannon, Darkcloud, Michael De Feo, El Celso, LA II, Kenji Nakayama, Neckface, Lady Pink, Matt Siren, Stikman, and Swoon.
These artists have proven the art of survival and have thrived in the urban environment. Their individual works have become indelible, iconic images for the public.

Since street art is exposed and unprotected from all the elements of the outdoors, this exhibition is a study of the inspirational effect and cultural exchange when extracted for further contemplation in an indoor-gallery setting.

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