Voices Carry

Maura Robinson
Voices Carry
December 3, 1998 – January 9, 1999
Woodward Gallery

After years of critical acclaim on the west coast, abstract artist Maura Robinson has returned to the east with paintings which challenge and provoke thought and passion.

Phyllis Braff*, in the forward of the catalog accompanying this exhibit, states “while Maura Robinson’s paintings give consideration to the spiritual dimensions of color and, in the case of her arched-format pieces, often seem to seek the contemplative qualities associated with votive traditions, the gripping characteristics in much of her work from the last decade seem to be rooted in her investigation of perception and in her exploration of ways to merge content with an evocative surface.

…Frequently there is the implication that evidence of a past is being eliminated or obscured, and often too, there is the sensation of a ghost-like form.

…As in most of her work through this productive decade, the possibilities for creating an absorbing mood are strong”

Please join us for the artist’s reception Thursday, December 3rd, 6-8 PM.

*Phyllis Braff is an art critic for The New York Times.

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