Online Exclusive Group Exhibition
Presented by Woodward Gallery
Opening April 1, 2020

Woodward Gallery asks Artists to respond to the COVID-19 crisis with artwork to address their feelings, concerns, hopes and reactions. We are reaching out to our global art community in order to stress the importance of remaining socially responsible— specifically, by keeping our hands clean.

Woodward Gallery is launching the virtual exhibition, WashYourHands.art, that will be updated often with artistic contributions from all over the world. Please stay home, stay safe wherever you are, and follow along as we combat this pandemic together with our call to creativity.

Artists are welcome to submit an image of one work of art with full details (name, title, medium, size, signature location) to Art@WoodardGallery.net to be considered for the show. We will consider the artist’s personal response to the crisis—How they are affected? What are they feeling now, as the ramifications of the pandemic are coming into focus? How they are reacting to it? And what message do they want to put out into the world right now?

WashYourHands.art serves as a global platform for artists to express their creativity about the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. The specific guidelines for our open call to artists are simple: What is the individual artist’s interpretation of the directive “Wash Your Hands,” and how will they respond to the crisis through their art to help propagate this life-saving message?

With respect to current practices of social distancing, this exhibition will only be available online. Visit WashYourHands.art to take part in this ever-growing virtual art conversation.
Woodward Gallery urges everyone to support their local artists who are struggling during these uncertain times. Remember: we are all in this together.

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