Sarah Hauser

May 6 – June 17, 2004
Woodward Gallery

Woodward Gallery is proud to host Sarah Hauser’s Geneticircus, a treat for all ages!
Artist Sarah Hauser continues to amaze and mystify her viewers by altering the genes of mammals, birds, fish and insects. With brilliantly creative humor, Hauser transforms species in her studio-laboratory. Her new species are captured in drawings which combine ink, aquarelle pastel and brushwork, as well as in etchings and woodblock rubbings.

Hauser’s Orangalrus, Hummingayeaye, Sealoyote, Dachsodile, Sealcat and others seemingly morph into new mixed breeds that harmoniously survive. Her Geneticircus of animals is rendered in monochromatic colors and soft lines to gently announce the birth of each new hybrid.

The mutations dominate her imaginative population yet rest peacefully and naturally in their new genetic code. Sarah Hauser’s hybrid species may be a good example for the latest human melting pot of societies and cultures…

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