July 5, 2019

60 Days of Summer
Kenji Nakayama and Brad Robson
July and August 2019
Woodward Gallery

Woodward Gallery highlights original paintings by Japanese Artist Kenji Nakayama and Australian Artist Brad Robson on the subject of Brooklyn, New York.

Today these international artists share the city streets for 60 Days of Summer in the Woodward Gallery Windows at 132A Eldridge Street on view 24/7. Nakayama painted his 15 foot mural nine years ago for Woodward’s Project Space. On public view once again in this two-person exhibition, Kenji Nakayama’s master work should not be missed! “Brooklyn Bridge” is expertly rendered in multilayered hand-cut stencils and spray enamel. Find yourself absorbed by the depth of his iconic image while standing before it.

Robson was challenged to create a city scene and chose Bushwick, Brooklyn as his muse. The color and energy as silhouetted characters move through his canvases provide the vibrance and frenetic pace that NYC offers. This series was originally presented by Woodward at Gourmet Garage, Lincoln Square. No need to cross the bridge to experience a slice of Brooklyn through the eyes and imagination of these unique, global artists!

Woodward Gallery is available online (WoodwardGallery.net), always through the Gallery’s street level windows, and by private appointment.

Also on view throughout July and August 2019, Woodward Gallery presents Down Town Summer Salon, group exhibition. Daily hours are available to view the exhibition at 60 Pine Street. Please contact Woodward Gallery, or call the DTA directly at 212-422-1982 to schedule your visit.


Selected Press

June 29, 2019


Down Town Summer Salon
July – August,  2019

Group Exhibition Presented by
Woodward Gallery, NYC at the
Down Town Association
60 Pine Street, NYC 10005

Click here to join us for the Artists’ Reception, Wednesday, July 24th from 6-8pm
Woodward Gallery’s Summer Salon heats up July and August at the Down Town Association. This group exhibition will quench the thirst of those eager to experience various styles of Contemporary Art. Flora, fauna, figures, and fabulous colors are on view. A visit to this selection is the perfect way to kick off one’s summer festivities!

This selection sparks a diverse and exciting celebration of the season with Artists who intrigue and delight. Featured original works of art by: Susan Breen, Thomas Buildmore, Tommy Flynn, Sabina Forbes II, Richard Hambleton, Keith Haring, Margaret Morrison, Moody Mutz, Brad Robson, Jess Hurley Scott, Icy + Sot, stikman, and Charles Yoder.

Guests are invited to view Woodward Gallery art exhibitions by appointment. Daily hours are available at 60 Pine Street. Please contact Woodward Gallery, or call the DTA directly at 212-422-1982 to schedule your visit. Kindly arrive in business casual attire while on Club premises.

Selected Press


June 16, 2019

Keith Haring
Artsy Online Exclusive Exhibition
June 17 – July 8, 2019

Woodward Gallery is delighted to offer a time capsule of Artist Keith Haring (1958 -1990) from the lens of rare, hand signed, 1980s posters announcing his participation and love for popular culture.


This selection stands as preserved moments in the history of Keith Haring’s ­­­­earliest solo exhibitions, AIDS activism and love for community. His images were intended to be available to all. Haring said that he wanted to take art, “off the pedestal. I’m giving it back to the people, for serious collectors and “for those who respond with complete honesty from deep down inside their hearts or their souls.”


Haring was energized to form an inclusive bond with those who saw his work. Woodward Gallery provides this special opportunity for those who always wanted to own a specific moment of the artist’s legacy.


Woodward Gallery is making this curated selection of works on paper from their Keith Haring collection available for the ARTSY Online Exclusive Exhibition only.

March 31, 2019

JM Rizzi
The Four Seasons
April 2 – May 24, 2019
at Woodward Gallery

JM Rizzi’s original paintings depicting “The Four Seasons” are presented at Woodward Gallery on Eldridge Street. This body of work premiered at the historic Four Seasons Restaurant from 2014- 2016.

Simultaneously, Artist JM Rizzi is featured as the inaugural exhibition at the Down Town Association on 60 Pine Street with a new body of colorful paintings reaching “Beyond the Sunset” throughout Spring 2019.
March 27, 2019

JM Rizzi
Beyond The Sunset
Spring 2019
Presented by Woodward Gallery at the
Down Town Association, 60 Pine Street, NYC

Woodward Gallery premieres the Solo Exhibition of JM Rizzi at the Down Town Association this Spring! The large, newly renovated exhibition space will feature Rizzi’s grand, original paintings that take you beyond the sunset.  Woodward Gallery is delighted to launch their inaugural exhibition at the Down Town Association (DTA) location of 60 Pine Street, New York City.


Artist JM Rizzi is recognized for his signature use of bold curves and lines. This exhibition contemplates a new reality using shapes, colors, forms and gestural marks leading to a place beyond the painting’s surface. A great abstract symphony of shapes pulsating into one another, JM Rizzi’s paintings are at once, serious and sensual, energetic and fearless. The Artist’s contemporary, strong black lines caress blank space or beckon to color. His dynamic hues of yellow, silver, orange, blue, and red float and intermingle with movement and style. While standing in place, one experiences these paintings as alive with motion. JM Rizzi’s works of art flow with poetic swooping curves, and determined lines leading one afar.


This international artist has had major solo exhibitions, as in the historic Four Seasons Restaurant, as well as Public Art projects and commissioned murals around the globe (NYC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Sweden, Hong Kong, and Shanghai).


Guests are invited to view Woodward Gallery art exhibitions by appointment. Daily hours are available at 60 Pine Street. Please contact Woodward Gallery, or call the DTA directly at 212 422 1982 to schedule your visit. Kindly arrive in business casual attire while on Club premises.


Woodward Gallery celebrates their 25th Anniversary throughout 2019 as a NYC Art institution!  The Gallery is a pioneer in the heart of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, a neighborhood with a rich history of art and culture. Woodward additionally curates Art in SoHo, Tribeca and Lincoln Square at Gourmet Garage locations and now has expanded its exhibition program to the Down Town Association.


The Down Town Association remains an island of quiet civility in a bustling Lower Manhattan. As a locus for nourishment, entertainment, relaxation or quiet discourse, the Club has remained of and for its members since its inception in 1859, providing their members and guests with the finest hospitality.  A New York City Landmark in Lower Manhattan, the DTA’s Clubhouse is one of New York’s best examples of Romanesque Revival design as well as the second oldest purpose built club building in the United States.

February 17, 2019

Richard Hambleton: Life on Paper
Artsy Online Exclusive Exhibition
February 28 – March 14, 2019


Woodward Gallery is delighted to share insight into the Conceptual Artist Richard Hambleton.  So much more than the Shadowman, shadowy black figures that he is well known for, Hambleton sought the sublime through his art. He worked to elicit a reaction from his painting. Richard said his process was all about love, and as such, he literally added a bit of himself to each of his works of art.


This exhibition considers landscapes, bloodscapes, horse and riders, and portraits on paper born of the artist’s incomparable creativity. From splashing paint for his Shadowman icons, Richard ascended to “splashy seascapes” and landscapes, to painting escapes. The Artist would use surfaces that he could manipulate with texture, brush, tools, acrylic, tinted varnish to be known collectively as his Beautiful Paintings– a departure from the mysterious dark shadow figures.  Richard said the shadowman army that he painted on city streets was to add to the urban picture. The Beautiful Paintings by contrast are a unique visual destination that Richard would initiate.  He took time to complete a colorful abstract painting and manipulate the viewer with his entry point, a horizon line.  From that line one may be fooled to recognize a landscape, when in truth, these are pure gestural abstractions. The Beautiful Paintings were actually quite physical actions as the Artist would move paint around by lifting and manipulating the medium. He denotes his special works, “_ _ _ _”, as his message of L-O-V-E.  For the larger scale Beautiful Paintings on canvas, metal, mirrors or wood, Richard typically titled them with female names to identify individual women he had known or cared for.


It is no secret that Richard Hambleton loved women. He kept company with many female friends, fans and muses over time.  He learned that his splashy black figures would also pulsate as hearts. When he rarely produced a heart icon, it would serve a special occasion, friend, or gift. These would have his signature splatter and drips and sometimes even the special annotation.


Determined to paint with whatever medium he could get his hands on, Richard collected the blood from his syringes.  He would mix blood with distilled water to create landscapes, seascapes and flower pieces typically on paper- his personal watercolor technique. They are dramatically bright red when wet, but cure as they dry to golden brown, sepia tones that he particularly liked. These Blood Paintings range from minimal, a few strokes for a flower, to the complexity of a grand vista depending on his mood. Hambleton used his own blood, the life force of his body, giving permanence to his art.


The Horse and Rider series evolved from his cynical view of the Marlboro ads of the day, which depicted scenes of the American cowboy in a pasture riding his horse and enjoying cigarettes. Richard identifies the dichotomy of the virile cowboy and the bodily harm caused by cigarette tar and smoke.  His Horse and Rider devoid of the Marlboro/ Merit cigarette subject started in the mid 1980s. Hambleton appropriated the visual energy from the earlier ads reconstructing the romance of the Horse and Rider as a silhouetted cowboy riding on a bucking bronco. The works on paper are smaller studies of the typical life-size paintings. Richard physically memorized the lines of a Remington horse sculpture he had and from it, rendered ink drawings to capture the energy, and movement.  He developed acrylic on paper and paintings of these rodeo figures from these studies. Although Richard revisited this inspiration throughout his life and made large scale Horse and Riders on canvas, he often said he would retire the concept as it grew in popularity with his own notoriety.


Shadow Head Portraits are a body of work that Richard was able to create, despite his unstable living environment. Richard became adept at quickly painting most on paper, impressively giving full character to his shadowy black silhouette busts.  Shadow Head Portraits became the staple of his oeuvre.  Due to the scale of the work they were portable. Hambleton could produce a complete portrait that he easily transported from place to place as his lifestyle necessitated.

Woodward Gallery is making this curated selection of works on paper from their Richard Hambleton collection available for the ARTSY Online Exclusive Exhibition only.

February 4, 2019

February 8 – March 23, 2019
Woodward Gallery

Artist Jo Ellen Van Ouwerkerk’s timeless icons evoke an age long ago.  The women she paints are composites of people she knew personally, had once seen, or had read about. She uses her figures in provocative and dramatic poses. Her characters are seen for a single frame of their story and her vision broadens that which is considered normal.  Van Ouwerkerk’s characters offer direct eye contact with their viewer to compel an interaction. Woodward Gallery presents the Ritual exhibition and simultaneous release of signed, vintage, limited edition prints after Van Ouwerkerk’s original paintings. This series is offered in small quantities, using Iris printing with archival ink on 100% Somerset Rag paper.


Van Ouwerkerk offers context, “Rituals are sacred and completely personal. Choreographed movements, clothing (costumes), music, scent are accessories to your essence. Rituals are a prayer honoring the best of your soul.”


There is a sensual, mystical quality to her work. She reimagines early 19th century Pre- Raphaelites and carries them into the contemporary image. It is as if her women travel through time agelessly. People universally respond to Jo Ellen’s work through the subject’s eye contact. The gorgeous flow of their bodies further beckons one to join their ritual.  She provokes the viewer to engage in the activity. When viewing her sirens, one follows marvelously entranced in their personal and curious situations.


Jo Ellen Van Ouwerkerk does not reveal the meaning of the situation she produces, though the Artist claims that because she is painting women, “you make your own stories that have to do with your own psyche.” Enter the ritual and intermingle in her world.


Come take part in these rituals at any hour through our exhibition windows or online through WoodwardGallery.net.


Limited edition prints available here, see our catalog.

Selected Press

November 12, 2018

November 16 – December 30, 2018
Woodward Gallery

Artist Rick Begneaud collects fabrics that have memories. His lifestyle has taken him to places throughout the world. Found fabrics journey back to Begneaud’s studio as patterned memories of the local culture from where they came.

Begneaud’s mentor was his late uncle, Artist Robert Rauschenberg, and through his own travels he began to implement ideas of space and texture, color and lines. Rick’s fabrics layer a personal tone, affording the viewer to journey with him through his abstracted collage paintings. The geometric forms can breathe comfortably with the texture and space left in between. He chooses not to assign the role of symbol to his work. We are soothed to look closely and carefully at the flow of pattern, color, empty space that seem to appear spontaneously.  Rick’s calming, gestural abstract paintings deliver the rare zen place to dwell and enlighten the viewer.

Woodward Gallery invites you to view Rick Begneaud’s solo exhibition 24/7 from our street level windows and digitally with a full catalogue available on our website. Individual visitor appointments are available.

Selected Press

September 8, 2018

September 15 – October 26, 2018
Woodward Gallery


Woodward Gallery opens the Fall 2018 Art Season with “Iconic” a group Exhibition with works from Jean-Michel Basquiat, Thomas Buildmore, Crash, Robert Indiana, Jasper Johns, Rupert Jasen Smith, and Andy Warhol. While each of these Artists are certainly iconic in their own right, our exhibition explores the emblematic content in their works of art.


Rupert Jasen Smith depicts Greta Garbo after Andy Warhol’s Greta Garbo Suite.  This version shows the beautiful Greta Garbo in red from cult classic The Kiss, as legendary character Madame Irene Guary, from the 1929 film directed by Jacques Feyder.  


Andy Warhol’s 1965 Souper Dress was an advertising campaign with Campbell’s Soup (by mailing in Campbell’s Soup Can labels and $1.00.USD the popular soup label was printed as a vintage screenprint on cellulose Aline Dress) for all to own. 


Crash’s 1988 Dick Tracy II is from a 1931 tough and intelligent police detective comic strip created by Chester Gould. Crash’s 1988 portrayal of the classic detective renews its relevance as an important symbol of justice especially in the current state of US affairs. 


Thomas Buildmore paints a cartoon version of The Last Supper with quintessential figures: Jesus, Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, McDonald’s Hamburglar, Family Guy’s dog Brian Griffin, and others who unite together over popcorn and hotdogs as Schroeder from Charles Shulz’s Peanuts entertains the guests playing his miniature piano.


These beloved memories from popular culture serve as iconic symbols in our collective consciousness. They are ingrained in our American psyche and offer a seminal look through decades of our history.


Selected Press

June 14, 2018

June 21- July 27, 2018
Woodward Gallery, NYC


Woodward Gallery invites you to a Visual Destination, a journey into color, water and consciousness honoring the natural rhythm of the earth opening on the Summer Solstice. As many of us start our plans for the warm weather, a group of 3 Artists entice you to venture into serenity. Susan Breen, Jess Hurley Scott and Margaret Morrison pack years of formal painting into their excursions.

Susan Breen paints harmonious contemporary abstractions hinting of organic elements in various states of flux. Her scenic, bright color and representational imagery of trees and fauna absorb into an ethereal palette. Breen’s soulful awareness of birds- their temperament, their spiritual being- peacefully join in circular union on canvas.

Jess Hurley Scott, a contemporary painter of land and sea, creates bubbling, foaming, crashing water scenes suspended in nature with layered, translucent, acrylic panels. She manages light, illusion, and perception bringing the viewer beneath the soothing waves of her imagination. Overlaying sheets of painted plexiglass add motion to her silent waves in a unique 3D painted experience.

Margaret Morrison is best known for her vivid, still-life and surreal figurative paintings. Her realist oil compositions, expertly combine bold, natural color and light. Morrison’s larger-than-life floral paintings tempt us to reach out to touch the petals! She celebrates the beauty of the flower in a close-up, magnified scale.

At this time of world unrest, here is your opportunity to take respite in a genuine visual destination by visiting Woodward Gallery’s street level exhibition windows on Eldridge Street day or night, enjoying the paintings from your digital device online, or scheduling a one-on-one appointment at the gallery. Allow these paintings to move you this summer season.

Check in frequently for updates to your VisualDestination.art

Selected Press
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